Muslims Demand Politician Wear Hijab, She Takes Defiance One Step Further

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Muslim Leaders told a female politician that she would have to cover her head with an Islamic hijab to “respect” the Muslim religion, as her uncovered hair was offending them. However, instead of bowing to the misogynistic Muslim supremacists, she refused to wear the hijab and sent them a message with another article of clothing.

In the West, women are not only allowed and encouraged to hold powerful positions within our government, they are expected to be treated as equals by their male counterparts. In Islamic countries, however, this is an improbability under Sharia law, as the religious mandates often deny women even the most basic human rights. While most liberals would contradict their own beliefs to appease their Muslim hosts by donning the mandatory hijab, one woman reminded them of why liberalism cannot coexist with Islam.

Although German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen is a member of the Christian Democratic Union, the same liberal party as pro-migrant Angela Merkel, she appears to be waking up to the oppressive nature of Islam. The Local reports that on Thursday, von der Leyen visited Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country in which all other religions are outlawed and not wearing the hijab is a punishable offense.

When she arrived to discuss an upcoming military training program, her Muslim hosts expected that she would be donning the hijab and long abaya garment, as her liberal allies typically do. Shockingly enough, she not only refused their demands to wear any head covering, she sported a tight, masculine pantsuit in protest for her right to choose, according to the Express.

Von der Leyen not only refused their demands to wear any head covering, she sported a tight, masculine pantsuit in protest for her right to choose, according to the Express. You can even see the discomfort and disdain on some of the men’s faces.

Immediately, von der Leyen was condemned by both Muslims and leftists who claimed she had “disrespected” Islamic culture by literally making her own choice about her clothing instead of allowing a man to dictate her wardrobe. Incredibly, von der Leyen still wasn’t about to back down, and she issued a powerful statement that reiterated her stance on Sharia law.

According to an Iranian newspaper, Von der Leyen said: 

No woman in my delegation will be required to wear the abaya, as the right to choose one’s attire is a right shared by men and women equally.

Still, Muslims took to social media to express their outrage that she didn’t want to conform to their religion.

One translated tweet said: 

The German Defence Minister: not wearing the hijab in Saudi was deliberate. This is an insult to Saudi Arabia!

Although female politicians from foreign countries are not forced to wear the hijab and abaya when visiting Saudi Arabia, many still don the oppressive symbol as a means of appeasing the religion. Of course, we couldn’t expect Muslims to do the same in our own countries, as it would be considered Islamophobic and racist to want them to forego their religious or cultural traditions to “respect” our own.

In fact, we go as far as joining the minority in their religious obligations to extend tolerance and acceptance to them. However, the same is not returned because they despise our “un-Islamic” values and are commanded in the Quran to destroy them.

Von der Leyen’s simple act of defiance, or should we say “choice,” is evidence that Islam directly contradicts with the liberal ideology that defends it. Most liberals are ignorant hypocrites who truly believe that Islam is a religion of feminism and that wearing the hijab is their choice, as one Twitter user states.

However, Islam is the opposite of progressivism, as the Quran teaches that “men are superior to women by right of Allah” and that they are to be “devoutly obedient.” Of course, if they fail to do what their husbands command, Allah remedies this behavior by giving the men the right to “beat them” until they obey.

The religion of peace is actually a religion of misogyny and violence, which is why every Muslim-majority country is plagued by such oppression. Hopefully, more liberals are opening their eyes to the fact that not only are Muslims using their tolerance to spread this oppression but that they also despise their loving defenders and see them as weak appeasers who are easily conquered.


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