US Military Academy Hosts ‘Transgender Day Of Remembrance.’ Because That’s TOTALLY Something Cadets Need To Focus On

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Remember when our military was full of tough, hard-as-nails bad*sses who didn’t have to bow to every whim of the Cult of Social Justice?

Good times, y’all.

According to this, the US Military Academy in West Point decided that it would be a super-awesome idea to have a day where speakers came in and lectured cadets about their inherent privileges and made sure that everyone knew about the plights of 0.3% of the population and how EEEEEEVIL America has been to transgender people.

Apparently this “Transgender Day of Remembrance” has become an annual thing. And I’m suddenly worried, should these military-cadets-turned-special-snowflakes ever need to see combat. Are they going to have to ask enemy combatants if they’re transgender, so they know to go easy on them?

(I’m joking, but I don’t put it past progressives to come out and require such an absurd measure in real life.)

The day involved cadets listening to lectures on topics such as the number of hate crimes perpetrates in the United States, how many transgender people have died in the past year, not to mention how many “trans people of color” have experienced violence (because heaven knows that “of color” bit makes ALLLLL the difference) –

Class of 2017 cadet Riley Dosh opened the event this year by noting, “Over the past year, innocent transgender people worldwide have lost their lives due to hate crimes. Many more died due to bias and hatred based on gender identity and expression. They were killed for coming out to friends and family, for being who they are. Their lives were cut too short unnecessarily.”

Dosh insisted, “Our society, our police forces, our governments and the media largely ignore transgender hate crimes.”

Cadet Dosh was joined at the podium by the keynote speaker Amanda Simpson, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for operational energy. Simpson said that she “did not want to here because we are going to read some of the names of the hundreds of transgender men and women who died of violent means in the past 12 months…But any way you count it, the fact remains; transgender men and women — especially transgender women of color — continue to experience violence at alarmingly high rates and are often targets for fatal hate violence.”

Good grief – the levels of violence against progressive-favored minority groups in America would make ISIS blush. That is, if any of this were accurate. Given how many of these “hate crimes” are just pathetic attempts to get attention, I have my doubts.

Here’s the stupid thing: these cadets are at West Point to learn military discipline and to be instilled with a sense of duty to protect ALL Americans. They don’t have to cherry-pick certain groups because they’re the Social Justice Flavor Of The Week. And it certainly isn’t necessary to tell them that hate crimes are BAAAAAAAD (though vague definitions of “hate crime” is a problem in and of itself).

Political correctness is going to be the end of America.

I like how the editor of a military magazine put it –

Ray Starmann, editor-in-chief of U.S. Defense Watch, told The Daily Caller the transgender remembrance is caused by “social engineers who are cultural Marxists and guys at the top who won’t put their foot down” resulting in “more political correctness.”

Said Starmann: “Thank God General [James] Mattis is coming [as defense secretary].”

Yeah, I’d LOVE to get General Mattis’s take on this. It’d be highly entertaining.


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