Letter to all mothers

Dear friends,

I wrote this article in Russian and it is addressed mostly to the mothers of Ukraine. But I want to share this article with my readers in the West too – mostly with the mothers in the West.

Dear mothers in Europe and North America, please take a look at these pictures. I wanted to ask you to imagine yourselves in the shoes of mothers of Donbass, but that would be asking too much – their pain and suffering is unimaginable!

I especially call on Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Federica Mogherini , these three mothers who support Kiev’s onslaught against women and children of Donbass, and have the ability to bring an end to this conflict.

Dear citizens of the West! Your countries are supporting a murderous regime that kills your own citizens, and your media constantly lies to you about it!

Please share these pictures and letter with everyone – we need to bring the world’s attention to the crimes against humanity committed by president Poroshenko, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and their criminal cronies!

Dear friends,

As you know I constantly get all kinds of information from Ukraine. I get my information from both sides of the conflict. Not only do I follow the situation closely in the Internet and TV, but I also get many calls and emails from people in Donetsk and Lugansk. Reading and hearing their stories my heart and soul ache. It feels as if I am drowning in boiling water every time I hear about the horrors they suffer. It’s hard to explain the pain my soul feels in words.

How much longer will the so-called government of Poroshenko and Yatcenyuk keep bombarding Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities? The children of Donbass have been deprived of their childhood’s innocence. Who will give them back their childhood, and will they ever be able to forget the terror of this war? Why are you, the usurpers in Kiev, killing Ukraine’s children, and when will you finally stop?

Ukrainian mothers, don’t you have your own kids? Don’t you feel mother’s love and warmth towards you own children? If you do, then how can you send your sons off to kill other children?

Mothers! Have you forgotten how you breastfeed you sons? Did you do it, did you raise your children, so they can go off to kill their brethren? How can you be so cold and callous to the suffering of other mothers and kids? Don’t you remember how you yourselves were raised? How your parents showed you love and kindness, and taught you what is right and wrong?

Could you have forgotten your grandparents? Could you have forgotten their stories about the Great Patriotic War? Didn’t they tell you about the horrors that war brought to Ukraine, about the cost of Victory, and about the hardships of rebuilding our country?

Mothers! I am on my knees in front of you! I am asking and begging you – save your own children and the children of Donbass! Stop sending your sons to this so-called “Anti-terrorist operation” – that is the only way we can put an end to this God-awful war!

Take a look at these pictures – do you think these children are bombing themselves? Or maybe you think it’s the locals, the fathers of these kids, who are shelling their own homes?

Come to your senses! Help stop this war!


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