Ukrainian lawmaker unwittingly hails ‘CIA’ assassin of Russian ambassador as ‘hero’

on Dec 21, 2016 at 11:01 AM in Politics, Europe

Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov's assassination in Turkey on Monday met with shock and condemnation from around the world, but not in Ukraine

While most leaders and diplomats expressed their horror at the cold-blooded and vile deed, an Ukrainian lawmaker Volodymyr Parasyuk celebrated the killing. Parasyuk even hailed the ambassador’s murderer as a “hero” as the Turkish press called him a “CIA” gun.

The gunman, Mevlut Mert Altintas, chanted Islamist slogans also used by radical terrorist organization the Al Nusra Front after he killed Karlov in an art gallery in Ankara.

In a post on his Facebook page, Parasyuk posted a photo of killer Altintas along with the following glowing remarks:

When a man is ready, at the cost of his own life, to take extreme measures for the sake of an idea, for the sake of truth, then it can be said with confidence that he is a hero.

The Ukrainian lawmaker’s own fascination with extremism seemingly had gone over his head.

Every other European government has condemned the terrorist act, but while some Ukrainians sympathized with Parasyuk, others tried to reason with him saying “killing an unarmed ambassador is not an act of heroism, but a terrorist attack”.

When Facebook users tried to point out to the Ukrainian that Turkish social media too was mostly hostile towards Altintas, Parasyuk would not budge either.

Parasyuk himself is suspected of committing war crimes in the Donbass before being elected to the country’s parliament in 2014. He was thus unwittingly echoing Turkish sentiment that the assassin had been working for the CIA.

Turkey’s pro-government media outlets and journalists on Tuesday all blamed the US and the CIA for the murder of the Russian ambassador.

Many pro-government newspapers and columnists did not hesitate to label the gunman a member of “FETÖ”, a derogatory term the government coined for a terrorist. The pro-government Yeni Şafak newspaper announced the murder of the ambassador with a headline saying, “Great sabotage.” The daily said “The pro-FETÖ assassins of the CIA have been mobilized” in order to ruin Turkish-Russian relations.

Another staunchly pro-government daily, Star, said in the headline of its main story on Tuesday:

Bullet from FETÖ to Turkish-Russian relations.

The same exact headline was also used by the pro-government Akşam daily.

The pro-government Takvim daily said the Western alliance went crazy due to rapprochement between Turkey and Russia and “sent one of the cat’s paws among us and had the Russian ambassador killed in Ankara.”

Journalist Ömer Turan, said the aim of Monday’s assassination was to prevent rapprochement between Turkey and Russia.

“I have been making a big effort for months to explain that ‘deep’ NATO will do its best to prevent this,” - wrote Turan from his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Ukrainian media sources, which had at first eagerly jumped to report on Parasyuk’s remarks, soon began deleting their articles, apparently understanding that the matter was too embarrassing to the country’s image, and unworthy of coverage, according to Sputnik News.

Ukraine is already suffering from an ailing economy and a bad public relations nightmare since the Maidan coup in 2014, brought on by political opportunists such as Victoria Nuland. Nuland is famous for her “Fuck the EU” remark.


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