Lesbian Couple Hate Themselves So Much, They Vandalized Their House And Burned It Down And Blamed It On The Neighbors

on Dec 23, 2016 at 11:44 AM in Degradation, Society, North America

That’s the only explanation for all of these anti-LGBTQ hate crime hoaxes perpetuated by LGBTQ people.

According to this, a jury ruled that Carol Anne and Laura Stutte vandalized their home in Tennessee with anti-gay slurs, and then burned it down in 2010. The reason? To blame it on a neighbor who they claim threatened to burn their house down and kill the women –

A lesbian couple faked a hate crime that left their home a pile of charred rubble at their Venore, Tenn., property in 2010, local reports said.

An insurance company caught on to the ruse months after the blaze and accused Carol Ann and Laura Stutte of perpetuating a hoax and blaming the fire on their neighbor, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

A federal jury ruled in favor of the insurance company’s belief that the couple spray-painted an anti-gay slur on their own garage to spin the fire as a hate crime based on their sexual orientation.

The homeowners intended to bank on an insurance claim of more than $276,000, American National and Casulty Company alleged in court documents obtained by the News Sentinel.

There wasn’t enough evidence to pin the crime on the hateful neighbor, however there was enough to pin it on the Stuttes instead. The jury ruled in favor of the insurance company, who claimed that the Stuttes did this in order to collect insurance money on their house.

And that’s not all. The Right Scoop has uncovered video and reports from 2010 of the Stuttes cashing in on their status as victims of EEEEEEEVIL homophobic bigots who just want gay people to lay down and die. To the point that people were sending charitable donations to the couple to help them get back on their feet.

All the while, they were the ones who put themselves in trouble in the first place.

(Kind of wonder how the people who donated money to these two hoaxers feel knowing that they were taken for a ride by a pair of liars.)

Here’s the dumb thing – if people really are so hateful toward gays and lesbians, shouldn’t there be more reports of ACTUAL hate crimes against them, rather than all of these fake ones? And don’t these fake crimes make it harder for the victims of real crimes (that the Cult of Social Justice keep insisting really exist) to get justice?

Logic. Try it sometime.


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