Dear Sore Loser, Pro-Hillary Thugs: You are the Problem!
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Dear Sore Loser, Pro-Hillary Thugs: You are the Problem!


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One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler is hoping to be OAN’s next Tomi Lahren, a host who made it big and now has her own show on the Blaze TV. Wheeler is a bright young conservative voice with a first-class education and the personality to take on any liberal opponents. She recently went after an entire generation of Americans, her own generation, for failing the country in which they live. Wheeler chastised her fellow millennials for refusing to do their civic duty and then choosing to throw a tantrum when the outcome wasn’t what they wanted.

Watch her epic takedown below:

If you’re protesting the results of a Democratic election, and you also criticized Donald Trump for saying that he would wait until the election night before he accepted the results of the election… you might be a hypocrite…

“Love Trumps Hate.” That’s what liberals tell us…

Meanwhile in cities across America, pro-Hillary mobs hurled rocks at police officers and set businesses on fire. They chanted “Not my President” as they blocked highways, brutalized Trump supporters, and threw Molotov Cocktails.

But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised here. The Clinton’s, Hillary and Bill and their entourage of thugs, they vandalized the White House on the way out the door after George Bush defeated Al Gore in 2000. That’s right, the woman who showed no respect for the founding principles of our nation this election season showed no respect for the living history of our nation enshrined and preserved in the White House. Why am I not surprised? But remember “Love Trumps Hate”…

Most of these rioters are millennials, as we can plainly see from the videos, in fact a High School right here in California was shut down because the students staged a walkout in protest of our democratically elected president…

All of these sore loser, millennial, pro-Hillary thugs… hold on to your safe spaces because you’re the problem! You guys have the opportunity to make your voices heard, you have the responsibility to participate in the self-government of our nation, the privilege to cast your vote and YOU DIDN’T DO IT! Less than half of my generation actually turned out to vote!…

Instead, you hurl vitriol on Facebook, you whine in Twitter, you contemplate crimes on social media to validate your ill-conceived wit. “Isn’t it about time for an assassination?” I saw that on my Facebook feed this morning!…

Here’s an idea, instead of demeaning yourself and our freedom by attacking people who voted for Donald Trump why don’t you run for office yourself? Write your congressman, educate other people on the issues you care about, make videos, act like an adult, and don’t set other people’s jobs on fire and throw rocks at cops.

And then maybe when you hold up your signs and cry “Love Trumps Hate” maybe somebody might actually take you seriously.

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