I’m Offended that You’re Offended

on Dec 27, 2016 at 12:09PM in Society, North America

If you are a pathetic worthless millennial cupcake, you may not realize that there was a day and time, before you were a glimmer in your father’s eye, in which people didn’t get offended.

Men and women of the past realized that being “offended” is all on you!  You take offense.  It is not something someone else does to you.

Real men and women would never allow a complete stranger to have that much control and influence over their lives.  But millennials do!

A weak character and disposition are why they offended every time someone says something which goes against their government programmed leftist education.

Prior to the 1990’s, it was common to hear parents, or a teacher for that matter, utter those magical words “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

But during the 1990’s a new paradigm was used to indoctrinate children. It became known as political correctness.  And those precious little millennial snowflakes took the bait — hook, line, and sinker!

They were incorrectly taught, by so-called professional mental health experts, that words can hurt and damage their tender little psyches.

As a result, teachers were encouraged not to grade using the A through F system because children may mentally shut down.  School districts outlawed “red pens” when teachers graded papers because they were afraid the children would be intimidated.  And look at them now!

It would appear to the most casual observer that those who tried to protect these poor unsuspecting children are actually the ones who ended up being their abusers.  Seriously, I’m surprised no one hasn’t hired a lawyer to sue the pants off their teachers and school districts for not preparing them for the real world.

However, with all this said, there is one bright spot to the child abuse the millennials have suffered at the hands of the leftist controlled public education system.

We now have total and complete control over their emotions.  And it’s truly a lot of fun.  We get to play them like a record.

If we want to shut down your college campus, all we have to do is sneak in and write “Trump 2016” in one place, and you need counselors just to make it through the day.  Hilarious!

When my friends and I hear them on a newscast or a YouTube video crying about “safety” it is music to our ears.

Every time they interrupted a conservative speaker on a college campus attempting to shout them down, we realize that speaker owns them.  He or she is their god.  Their shouts of “safety” are worship to those who control their emotions. So cheer up Ben Shapiro!  Take heart Ann Coulter!  You own the college kids of today.

But here is a thought which, more than likely, has never crossed most millennial cupcakes’ small closed minds!  If you have a right not to be offended, do I have that same right?  After all, if it is a right then it must be universal…right?

So if you won’t stand for the National Anthem because it offends you, what if I am offended that you won’t stand?

Many millennials say they are offended because I do not believe mentally ill transvestites should be allowed in the same public restroom at the same time as the female members of my family.  But what if I am offended that you want these perverts to have the same access to the women’s public restrooms as my wife or daughter or mother?

In conclusion, what if I’m offended that you’re offended?

Drop mic and walk off stage!


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