Who are we?
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Who are we?


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Who are we? ... or why has Brutalist been created?

There is no secret that Europe & European civilization is going to die. Feminism, LGBT, muslim refugees from South, childfree , liberals and so on.

The most strange thing on this celebration of suicide - there is nobody who covers mass extinction. No such media! But the Europe has a lot of sons who don't want to die, who don't want to degenerate, who don't want their children to be brainwashed.

Hello, respected son of Europe (or America, who knows?)! This is the website for you. Feel free to share any news, posts, questions or polls with your confederates.

We are free from tolerant information totalitarism of the dying world, so no tolerance censorship here (we have anti-tolerance censorship instead).

Regards, Brutalist team, postsers, commenters and readers.

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Rupert Taylor
You have stolen my copyrighted article "Guns for Children" https://brutalist.press/posts/928/guns-for-children and posted it on your website. I did not give you permission to use this article and if it is not taken down immediately I will begin legal action to recover damages. Rupert Taylor
Alex Antonov
Hello, mr. Rupert. Please connect me: alex[at]brutalist.press

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