Marine Vet That Exposed Truth On Travel Ban Evacuated From Iraq

Steven Gern, the former US Marine that posted a video to his Facebook discussing Trump’s travel ban, is being forced to evacuate Iraq due to concern for his safety.

In the video, Gern talks about what would happen if he, an American, were to try to wander into an Iraqi village and try to live there as if he were one of them. Of course, according to Gern, the people said that he would be tortured and killed and that it would be filmed and posted online.

What happened after the video went viral? He had to flee for his safety.

Independent Journal Review was able to interviewGern over the phone and provided them a timeline of the events leading up to his evacuation:

  • Posted video at 11 p.m. Iraq time
  • Woke up at 5:30 a.m. and video had 1.1 million views
  • Went to work, went on mission
  • Returned from mission and put weapons away
  • Got a call to the office just after 2 or 3 p.m.
  • Went to the office to see the security director and was told he had 30 minutes to pack a bag. A private plane was already running and waiting for him.

According to Independent Journal Review, Gern’s company needed him out of the country.

The CEO of the private security company he worked for “needed him out of the country” after death threats were made — by both Americans and Iraqis.

Gern told Independent Journal Review that he doesn’t understand the resistance to Trump’s travel ban.

Americans in general are extremely naive, they don’t want to understand there are actual people out there that don’t like our way of life. You can’t change their thought process.

During the interview with Gern, he opened up about his feelings on the subject…

As this goes on, I’m actually kind of annoyed that people are treating me the way they’re treating me because I actually spoke the truth. I shed light on a conversation that I had, with the people that I had to work with every single day — that I know hate my guts. They hate us, so much.

Watch the video of Gern on the plane ride to Baghdad:

Here is the video of him landing in Bagdhad


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