Canada’s Kathleen Wynne Visits Mosque Preach to Tolerance. Gets Put in a Corner!

A few weeks back, a guy shot up a Mosque in Canada. In other words, Opposite Day. Usually it’s the Mosque-going folks who are doing the shooting. Before you scream “HATE SPEECH” don’t. Read this story. Moving on. To show solidarity with the Muslim community, openly Lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne, decided to pay a visit to a local Mosque

Calling the Quebec City attack a “cowardly act of terror,” Premier Kathleen Wynne visited a downtown Toronto mosque to offer words of comfort to Muslims and send a broader message.

“We’re not different. We’re the same . . . ; except for indigenous peoples, every single one of us came from somewhere else. We came from another country, another place, to build this open society.”

“We have a responsibility to stand together to continue to make it clear what we stand for in this country and in this province,” she said to worshippers.

“That is love and, beyond tolerance, acceptance and understanding of one another.

“It is because we are different that we are strong.”

But, what that article didn’t tell you was while the men in the mosque were praying, Kathleen Wynne was made to sit elsewhere…in a back corner.

Yeah, in Islam the vagina-havers aren’t allowed near the men while they pray. Must be an Allah thing. Be not distracted by those who have no thing. Yes, yes, “no thing” used to be slang for vagina. Get it? A little historical trivia for you. Read or watch “Much Ado About Nothing” again without making sex jokes, I dare you. But back to present day. Madam Wynne wanted to bridge divides, join hands and start a lesbian love train. Turns out the Muslims idea of a love train involved proving she was a second class citizen. So much for tolerance and acceptance.

Also, note how the author writes about the Imam who frowns upon the gayness:

‘We should consider them people who get themselves engaged in a sinful act. We should deal with them in the same way we deal with any people who are involved in alcoholics, gambling or adultery. We should have deep repugnance to their acts and we must remind and warn them.”

If they persist he said “we should certainly avoid those people.”


So much for lesbian political leaders who wish to make a point which eludes them. What with that point wanting to shove itself into an infidel. Allah hu akbar.

Leftists are always lining up to kiss Islamic posteriors. Justin Trudeau claims to be a feminist, but he has no problem speaking to segregated Muslim crowds. Why is it these “progressives” insist on cozying up to Islam? Maybe they’re taken in by the fancy Eastern rituals and cute headgear. At least they don’t have to worry about evenly cut bangs or clean hair. Thoseburkas also do a swell job of covering bruised faces of Muslim maidens. Win win.

Maybe the Canadians were trying to up their multicultural street cred, eh? One thing is certain though. Those pandering leftists are dumber than a lobotomized hamster. Enjoy the corner, Madam Wynne.

Speaking of liberals wearing rose colored Islamic glasses…


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