White Privilege is Bullshit

on Feb 24, 2017 at 1:55 PM in Economics, Society, Racial problem, Global

The concept of “white privilege” gets a lot of play among progressives and liberals, but as this clip shows, it is all but a fantasy due to demographic reality. In this insightful video, commentator Jay Fayza of The Rebel demonstrates that the facts of who earns what in America turn the concept of white privilege on its head and prove, like many liberal concepts, that white privilege is more of a vague notion of wishful thinking than anything else.

In fact, as he states, perhaps Americans should be talking more about particular ethnic privileges than white privilege. There are also steps outlined in a National Center for Policy Analysis report that Fayza goes through, proving that some African-Americans bring poverty — and all the side effects it engenders — on themselves through their own actions.

Whether these are cultural values that are handed down from generation to generation or are beliefs that are learned from contemporary society is debatable; there’s certainly evidence for both arguments.

But there’s no denying that examples Fayza cites are endemic to particular ethnic groups while being anathema to others. Watch as this fascinating debunking illustrates that white privilege is just another myth in a thick volume of progressive American fictions.


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