#RESISTANCE: College Lecturer Allegedly Assaults Republican Student

On  February 8, Eric Canin, an anthropology lecturer at California State University, Fullerton, allegedly assaulted a member of the CSUF College Republicans, who was protesting an anti-Trump demonstration.

The following exchange was recorded on a cell phone:

CANIN: "How many of [your] professors joining it? No, cause the professors are actually educated."

MALE STUDENT: "They're indoctrinated. Professors are just liberal trash."

CANIN: "I'm sorry, I forgot I'm with the troll..."

FEMALE STUDENT: "Hey, how about being respectful, sir...we're trying to be respectful [with what we're doing], so the least you could do is be respectful in return. Thank you."

CANIN: "Respectful? I would be respectful if I am respected first. The person that you are supporting here is not are supporting him."

Shortly after the verbal altercation comes to an end, the camera turns away, and what sounds like a physical confrontation can be heard. According to Campus Reform, Canin "shoved" a student, "as well as a member of the student government who was trying to break up the altercation."

After an investigation, CSUF Chief Communications Officer Jeffrey D. Cook said:

The investigation substantiated the charges that a physical altercation occurred, that a campus employee struck a student, and that as a consequence the speech of the student group was stopped...The prospect of an incident like this on our campus is profoundly troubling.

Eric Canin has been suspended, and may even face charges.

What Canin did is a microcosm of the larger progressive attitude toward conservative thought. Rather than engage with an opposing idea, they lash out.

On February 25, 2016, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro gave a speech at California Sate University, Los Angeles. Protesters flooded the lobby of the theatre where Shapiro was slated to speak, and blocked attendees from getting through the doors, chanting (among other things): "Racist Go Home!" and "No Hate Speech!"

There were also several alleged assaults.


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