Has the Democrat Party Been Overrun by Communist?

on Mar 04, 2017 at 2:45 AM in Politics, History, North America

Before his death in 1993, Hugh E. Rodham, father of Hillary Clinton, made the statement, “Democrats are one step short of Communism.”

Mr. Rodham was a conservative, a lifelong Republican, and a patriot.

He saw the handwriting on the wall as the Democrats edge further and further to the left.

In this new video by Patriot Update, the topic of the relationship between the new alt left within the Democrat party and the agenda of the Communist Party is laid to bare.

The video closes with this statement,

Though they still have many disagreements, the line between Democrats and Communists continue to blur as was obvious by the popularity in the rise of socialism [Bernie Sanders], Communism first cousin, within the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Like it or not, traditional Democrats need to decide if they will embrace the new alt left gaining ground in the DNC, and hence accept the rising communist bloc, or return to the political philosophy of Truman and Kennedy who stood against the red tide of communism!

This is a question which traditional Democrats will need to answer in months and years to come.


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