Transgender Announces Campaign For Governor

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Not your typical politician, Jacey Wyatt, a Branford resident and transgender, has announced she is running for Governor of Connecticut.

Wyatt has previously run for offices such as RTM and tax collector in Branford (as a Republican) and for first selectman and Board of Education (as a new political party). Last year at a town meeting, Wyatt announced that she would be running for first selectman again (as a Democrat).

In her last race for first selectman in 2015, Wyatt received just 155 votes, or about 2% of the total votes.

Wyatt, who was born John Pascarella, said she was born with “both sexes,” but has always identified as a woman.

Wyatt told Hearst Connecticut Media on Monday, “My body obviously does not look like a typical politician.”

Wyatt said she is not interested in inserting herself in the ongoing battle between Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and President Donald Trump’s administration over bathroom laws. Nor is she running to be the face of transgender rights.

“I’m not just going to be the advocate,” Wyatt said. “I’m running to be the solution for all people. This state deserves a lot better.”

Wyatt, who said her primary objective is to make Connecticut more business friendly, also supports protections for the LGBT community.

Dannel Malloy, the current CT governor, has been a consistent critic of President Trump on LGBT matters. Last month, he blasted the White House when it rescinded a ruling set by the Obama administration directing public schools to let students use the bathroom of their choice, regardless of gender.

“Don’t worry, me and Trump will be fine together,” Wyatt said. “Because I’m transgender, I’m not allowed to support Trump? They need to focus on this state. They’re not the president. They’re not running North Carolina. There’s different moral issues in the South.”

See Wyatt’s promotional video for her previous political campaigns.


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