Disney For Homosexuality: How Our Children Are Brainwashed
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Disney For Homosexuality: How Our Children Are Brainwashed


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There's a new trend in Hollywood! Instead of traditional Disney princesses, your children would be introduced to controversial Disney princes!

Almost everyone in the US now is fervently discussing the current tendency of media corporations to encourage children to be more tolerant towards homosexuals. This was guessed based on products released (or soon to be released) by Walt Disney studios: "Star vs the Forces of Evil" animated series and new “Beauty and the beast” movie.

In the cartoon, there’s an episode where teenagers attend a pop concert and the band there sings a song titled “Just friends.” But an adult can easily guess the song is not about friendship but about feeling sorry that being friends doesn’t always give people the opportunity to engage in sexual intercourse.

In the end, the whole audience starts to kiss each other and homosexual couples are clearly visible among the crowd (animators even highlight most of them).

As for “Beauty and the Beast” adaptation (the one where Emma Watson from “Harry Potter” franchise is starring at), movie director Bill Condon was the one spicing things up. In one of the interviews, he said he deliberately made one of the characters (Gaston’s servant LeFou) gay. As he put it:

LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston. He’s confused about what he wants. It’s somebody who’s just realizing that he has these feelings.

And also claimed that LeFou has “a nice, exclusively gay moment” in a movie.

And this is what children are supposed to know now!

Maybe it was just a trick to heat up an interest in the movie. Well, it worked all right. Some movie theatres utterly refused to release “Beauty and the Beast.”

 Meanwhile, there’s a huge resentment in American society against this “homosexuality for children” trend.

  Social networks are bursting with comments like:

They try to enforce LGBT tolerance on our children, beware!

People react differently: from moderate disagreement to political paranoia.

For example, paediatrician Stella Immanuel from Louisiana posted a proclamation hoping that President Donald Trump would revoke privileges of LGBT-activists.

“By this victory," - she writes, - "The plan to create unisex bathrooms all over America like they did during Democrat Convention has just suffered a setback.
The plan to plant public masturbation centres all over America has just suffered a terrible setback.
The plan to spread the law approving permitting sex between animals and humans has just suffered a setback.” 

"Many supported Obama 8 years ago as the First Black President, but the things he has done against Christianity and Morality are deeply astonishing," Dr Immanuelle claims.

Franklin Graham, leader of "Samaritan's Purse" Christian relief organization (and son of evangelist Billy Graham), posted on Facebook a call to boycott Disney studios.

In autumn 2016, American Psychological Association published a report announcing that "viewing sexuality as exclusively two types — heterosexual and homosexual — that are rigid and unchangeable no longer applies."

Dr. Lisa Diamond, a top researcher of the American Psychological Association (APA) and avowed lesbian activist, states:

I feel as a community, the queers have to stop saying, ‘Please help us. We’re born this way, and we can’t change’ as an argument for legal standing. I don’t think we need that argument, and that argument is going to bite us in the ass, because now we know that there’s enough data out there, that the other side is aware of as much as we are aware of it.

Dr. Diamond also says that child’s upbringing is what actually defines his/her future sexual orientation.

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