‘Resistance Training’ Offers Lessons on ‘How to Cause Trouble’

Webinar for left-wing agitators accuses Trump advisor of Nazism, suggests targeting McCain

A left-wing activist organization is organizing free “Trump resistance training” webinars.

On Friday afternoon, the leftist social networking website Care2 launched its first episode of its free activist program, “Trump Resistance Training: Defending the Environment.”

The purported purpose of the series is to “teach you how to cause trouble for good,” according Amanda Beck, its host and “member activist coordinator for Care2’s “Activist University,” which produces the series.

Becker was joined by Aaron Viles. Viles is director of Faithful America, a progressive group that attempts to push left-wing causes in Christian communities and organizations.

Viles began his presentation by giving the audience something of a basic civics lesson.

President Donald Trump “can’t just wave a magic wand and make things happen,” said Viles. “We have in America a fantastically important checks and balances system.”

The understanding of the American system of government didn’t deepen far from there.

“Any environmental decisions coming from him or his administration should go to the Supreme Court,” suggested one audience member.

The methods of “resistance” Viles advanced included the tried and tested activist tools of petitions and pressuring private companies to support liberal causes — “you’ve seen corps take fairly strong lines on the environment,” he noted.

He also advocated networking and attending large, organized rallies like the upcoming “People’s Climate March.”

Viles also suggested that activists target certain Republicans more likely to cave to liberal demands, naming Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and former Sen. Olympia Snow (R-Maine) specifically.

Viles told activists to pick emotionally powerful issues for petitions instead of authoring generic screeds against Trump’s executive orders and agenda. “Something that came up this week, turns out he’s got … somebody on staff who is like a Romanian Nazi,” claimed Viles. “Like that’s pretty crazy, that’s a story that you could get some attention [sic],” he continued.

Viles was making sloppy reference to bogus reports that attempted to tie one of Trump’s national security advisors to Nazism over a pin he wears on his lapel.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who is Hungarian, not Romanian, has been the subject of a fake news smear campaign because he wears his father’s Vitézi Rend award.

The Vitézi Rend is a Hungarian chivalric order, and Gorka’s father received the honor for his role in fighting communism. Political adversaries of the president sought to suggest the symbol worn by Gorka was in some way connected to support for Nazism because some of the members of the Vitézi Rend did collaborate with the Nazis during the Second World War — many did not.

In addition to repeating debunked smears about top advisors, Viles warned of the influence of wealthy figures on the right.

“We’re never going to have the money to beat the Kochs,” Viles exclaimed, referring to the libertarian activist billionaire brothers.

But the organization of which Viles is field director — Faithful America – is connected directly to leftist billionaire George Soros. It was co-founded by activist Ricken Patel, who a year prior to founding Faithful America founded the globalist activist organization ResPublica, which was funded by Soros.

Faithful America itself has also received money from Soros. In 2008, during the elections, Soros’ Open Society Institute gave Faithful America $400,000.


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