Beer Brewed From Sewer Water

on Mar 22, 2017 at 1:06 PM in Degradation, Society, North America

Mass market lagers only taste like they were brewed with water from the toilet. Stone Brewing’s Full Circle pale ale actually is:

On Thursday, at the Stone Brewing location at Liberty Station, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer was among the first to drink the Full Circle Pale Ale.

That’s because Full Circle is not primarily about brewing the best beer, but about employing political B.S. to market beer to moonbats, who will shell out for anything marketed as in some way benefiting the environment. The scam is called “greenwashing.”

The water for this Full Circle (not to be confused with Cottrell Brewing’s Full Circle IPA, or Full Circle Brewing) comes from the Pure Water San Diego program. Before that, it comes from local toilets.

The Full Circle Pale Ale is not for sale yet, but Stone Brewing is hoping to make it available soon.

Water is water, once you filter out everything else. Every drop you drink is likely to have been run through some other organism at some point in the past. But envirokooky virtue signaling won’t make the beer taste any better — except to moonbats.

  Stone Brewing has pandered to moonbats before.  


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