New York City in Full Defiance of Trump’s National Security Plan

Our great nation is under siege from anti-Presidential politicians who will stop at nothing to stoke the fires of the #Resist movement.

President Donald Trump, after winning the 2016 election fair and square, has been the target of a myriad of schemes by his political opponents in the ensuing months. Beyond the violent protests that broke out on inauguration day and the despicable rhetoric that the left has been repeating ad nauseam, a darker, more sinister version of politicking has been taking place.

First, we saw the delegitimizing campaign of the democrats, propped up by the biased mainstream media who have acted for decades as their puppets. Then the President was repeatedly bombarded with accusation after accusation regarding any and all things Russia. Now, the mayor of New York City is openly calling for authorities in his city to stifle the effectiveness of the Trump administration.

The resistance against Donald Trump and his immigration enforcement plan continued yesterday when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke about a new initiative being implemented to keep U.S. Immigration and Enforcement agents out of the public schools located within the five boroughs.

During a press conference, de Blasio tried to reassure parents that ICE agents will have to follow their (the city’s) rules and will not be allowed to ‘blow by security.’

If they do have a warrant, then they will be allowed to enter the school but be ‘closely monitored.'

What the liberals are forgetting in their blind rage against Donald Trump is that they are clearly undermining the very law and order that this nation was founded on. Without the rule of law, and without a clear hierarchy of authority as it pertains to national security, not only will the United States be more susceptible to the deplorable acts of terrorism that are plaguing the globe, but we are also teaching our young people that respecting authority figures is a practice that should be abolished when you are upset about political changes.

It is this irresponsible train of thought that has led to the radicalization of terror groups such as Black Lives Matter, who have inspired violence and murder against authority figures in recent months.


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