Obama Gets Slap in The Face from Home State

Former President Barack Obama is thankfully out of office after 8 devastating years of progressive policies and elitist action that has left our nation reeling.

Many had hoped that Obama would slither quietly into the night now that he is no longer a public servant, but, as with any prominent democrat, we are just not that lucky. Not only has Obama been accused of meddling with current President Donald Trump’s necessary travel ban, but rumors are swirling about a secret team of Washington insiders that Obama is using to spy on the current administration.

Obama is still a strange brand of folk hero to some of the more oblivious liberals out there, and as such, there are attempts to celebrate him in odd ways. One such attempt his recently failed in Illinois, where Obama served for many years.

Illinois lawmakers failed this week to rally enough votes to pass a measure in the state legislature that would have made former President Barack Obama’s birthday a statewide holiday.

The bill would have observed Aug. 4, Obama’s birthday, as a legal holiday in the Land of Lincoln. However, according to the Chicago Tribune, the legislation received 54 votes — six votes shy of what it needed to send the bill to the Illinois Senate, where Obama once served as a senator.

Opponents of the bill have raised concerns about the economic impact such a holiday would have on the state, and Republicans have noted the “inconsistent way” in which presidents from Illinois are recognized.

The bill would cost taxpayers nearly $20 million, according to Illinois Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget office. The legislation would cost roughly $3.2 million in personnel expenses to state employees for holiday pay and the state would lose around $16 million in productivity from state workers benefiting from a paid non-working holiday.

Obama’s true legacy is unfortunately one of government overreach and the normalization of social oddities, culminating in an absolutely absurd lame duck term in which the President pushed nonsensically hard to rewrite the nation’s idea of gender while simultaneously putting the full weight of his elected office behind doomed democrat Hillary Clinton.


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