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Perhaps the most fundamental fissure in Western politics is the question of what specific alchemy occurs when one of the 90% of the world we call “minorities” enters a country of the 10% of the world we call the “majority.” As the answer to this matter is crucial in muscling for moral rank, the skirmish lines around it have hardened into concrete.

One one side are those claiming full-spectrum border transmutation. Foreign nationals simply become a member of their host nation from one step to the next. For instance, a Syrian strolling from Constantinople to Copenhagen spends some part of his life as both a Bulgarian and German before settling into his Nordic countrymen’s open and charitable arms. It is critical that Hami-Salami be a Dane, else what legitimate claim would he hold to the country? This believer faction is comprised of global corporatists, neocucks, church-worlders, and bearded liberals of both sexes.

The thesis of this group is as much behavioral as geographic. What you are is how you act rather than what you are. Thus Jeet Heer is not an Indian because as an infant he was expelled into the dirt of a subcon peasant farm. Rather he is an American because he gobbles himself grossly obese and screams “Nazi” at the right. That’s what an American does, so that’s what he is. And that’s why the world is full of hundreds of millions of Americans just waiting to come home.

This side is opposed by the apostate deniers, who are determined that crossing a border actually alters a human in no meaningful way whatsoever, and that fat Indians don’t become Americans even when expressing utter contempt for them. The understanding is that immigrants come here only to have a better there. This group, broadly the alt-right, is joined in its perspective by black-masked bolsheviks and immigrants themselves, who both view mass migration into the West as the righteous POC colonization of a wicked people. It always feels good to have reliable allies.

And no ally has been more recently reliable than the Turks in Holland. Watching them rally in open solidarity with Turkey, waving Turkish flags, ululating about Turkish elections, and screaming imprecations at Dutch society all as residents of Rotterdam must trigger grand mal cognitive dissonance for those Europeans still prone to embracing princess tales. In one comical scene a group of Turks were so confused about which European country of which they were absolute loyal citizens, that they mistakenly destroyed the French flag rather than that of The Netherlands. I realize the symbols of any whitey will do, but let’s be honest: a true Dutchman would burn his own flag.

Though the fact that Turks don’t even know enough about who’s subsidizing their existence to incinerate the proper flag should prompt even more contemplative Europeans to ask themselves…

Are these people really Dutch?

I suppose only our immigrant allies ultimately possess the power to persuade one way or the other. And perhaps this escalating row will have the effect of convincing many. The Turks are furious because the Dutch government barred certain foreign ministers from campaigning on a Turkish referendum in Holland. A prohibition that naturally generated Third Reich accusations from a perpetually aggrieved Erdogan. Though none of his dispersed constituents were actually barred from attending events in Turkey, nor residing in Turkey as a more convenient base of interest in Turkish politics. Though Turks in Turkey are less effective in the role of forward infantry, and so their votes must be mined in land temporarily held by the enemy.

Though aside from generating additional chin-scratching about why swarthy Dutchmen are screaming under foreign banners, the conflict offers two relevant and related flash-points. First, Dutch elections are rapidly approaching with Geert Wilders openly encouraging livid Turks to tell their story walking. His poll numbers had been slightly flagging, though one imagines the sight of shrieking foreign hordes in a tiny country their parents could claim entirely for themselves will shift many wavering votes.

Wilders will not be elected, as the anti-Dutch establishment will never form a coalition government with him. Though these politicians must know how narrow their tightrope is becoming. Anti-racism is an intoxicating luxury, but even the most brand-conscious turn pragmatist when their own lives and livelihoods are in jeopardy. Turks and Moroccans have no need for white liberal representation. They can handle that ably themselves. Nor do the increasingly animated European nationalists. Eventually libs will simply recede from a primary role as politics start being decided by sheer racial role calls. That is, unless libs quickly come to view their prestigious sinecures as the most intoxicating luxury of all and begin an enthusiastic and extremely discreet program of repatriations.

The second flashpoint is Turkey’s latest threat to scuttle the bribe Europe paid to outsource its border. The result being an opened floodgate for millions of migrants now pawing the Turkish dirt awaiting the starting gun to Europe.

In some respects I actually hope this happens. Turkey would presumably be jettisoned as a European diplomatic partner, and seen more clearly as the antagonistic alien state it has always been. More importantly it would rapidly bring Europe to a painful decision point before the continent devolves to American-level demographics which, as we know, are only a weigh station to Brazilian demographics, prior to South African demographics, terminating in Rhodesian demographics.

Two million+ traveling over land in one human wave would likely represent Europe’s long awaited rise from its sick-bed or the last agonal gasps upon it. It’s difficult to predict how fluid such a situation could become. And better it be now than when Ottoman advance troops are more prolifically embedded.

But until that possibly very soon event, all we have to make our case on what immigration really represents are essays on these fringe outposts and the words of like-minded immigrants. May both be heard clearly.

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