Huntington Beach Nightmare: Trump Supporters Attacked by Burkha-Clad AntiFA Thugs

From the moment that Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the highest office in the land, his opponents committed themselves to the low road.

Liberal agitators and thugs sprinkled themselves throughout the rally crowds and marching masses in order to create chaos during public events supporting the eventual republican nominee and the eventual president. Their hope was to skew the narrative, creating an air of disorganization and chaos around Trump.

Now, after months in office, similarly motivated liberal operatives are continuing their violent clashes with the Trump faithful, only now, they have increased the intensity of their protests and their tactics.

A peaceful march to support President Donald Trump, as well as veterans, law enforcement, and first responders, was briefly interrupted by a dozen or so anti-Trump protesters Saturday in Huntington Beach, California.

Police arrested four people after they allegedly used pepper spray on the marchers during the peaceful procession attended by about 3,000 on the beach in Orange County. According to the Los Angeles Times, the dozen or so counter-demonstrators — including one who wore a patch that said, ‘Only You Can Resist Racists Liars’ — all refused to identify themselves, but one claimed that the group only used pepper spray after they were shoved and punched by their rivals.’

Video evidence appears to indicate otherwise…

Worse yet was the unveiling of a new tactic by the leftist hate-mongers: The use of Muslim headwear. The liberal, “anti fascist” thugs had been instructing their ground troops to don traditional burkhas during their attack on the Trump supporters in order to claim that they were targeted for “hate crimes” during the inevitable police involvement.

For shame.


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