Sanctuary Cities Disapproved By A Majority of Americans, Poll Says

Our nation is treading on thin ice as it pertains to the problem of illegal immigration, thanks to 8 years of liberal democratic leadership.

Not only are our borders woefully insecure, but many millennials have already been indoctrinated in former President Barack Obama’s globalist agenda, paving the way for generations of resistance to the necessary changes needed to make the nation safe again. One of the most difficult realities facing America today are so-called “sanctuary cities”, where illegal immigrants can reside with a greatly reduced chance of being discovered and forced to emigrate legally to our nation.

These locales are directly refusing the rule of law, and a majority of Americans are fed up with that.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, only 35 percent of likely U.S. voters favor living in a ‘sanctuary city,’ while 52 percent said they oppose their local officials declaring their town a ‘sanctuary city,’ nearly a 20 point spread. Fourteen percent told Rasmussen they are undecided.

Most people also said that ‘sanctuary cities’ are ‘less safe,’ according to the survey. Forty percent said they are ‘less safe,’ while only 17 percent said they are ‘more safe.’ Thirty-five percent of respondents said the safety level is about the same.

In the modern era there are new concerns with sanctuary cities that did not exist decades ago. While your average illegal alien still creates a void in the economy and represents a potentially dangerous criminal, with our weakened border security and Syrian refugee crisis ongoing, sanctuary cities are not home to merely Mexican nationals anymore. ISIS and other terror organizations have been known to be entering the U.S. via our southern border for some time, and their ability to reach a sanctuary city will certainly allow them a greater amount of time to orchestrate whatever evil deeds they arrived in American to commit.


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