Palm Sunday Counter Rally Against Refugees

on Mar 29, 2017 at 8:12 AM in Migration, Politics, Society, Australia

A coalition of regressive Unions, suicidal Church groups, and refugee advocacy rabble will be clogging up the streets of Sydney with their pathetic unAustralian march from Hyde Park North to First Fleet Park, Circular Quay on Sunday 9th April 2017 calling on the Australian government to shut down Manus Island and Nauru detention centres and bring the disease ridden illegals to Australia.

Only a mentally delinquent sod would support bringing in illegal aliens who have proven to be a danger to the Australian community with many suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne now subsisting on welfare handouts, public housing and the proceeds of crime to survive. Without the ill gotten generosity of the Australian people funding Centrelink payments many of these now refugee dominated suburbs would be civil war zones mirroring the complete chaos of Africa or parts of the Middle East.

The politicians and left wing extremists calling for ‘open borders’ are always quiet when radical Islam raises its ugly head and commits atrocities against innocent Australians. Where were the student unions, communist groups or teachers when Muslim refugee Man Monis took hostages at the Lindt Café in Sydney resulting in the death of two people? Where were the left wing activists when Muslim refugee Ihsas Khan went on a stabbing spree in Minto? Where were the same deranged activists when Numan Haider stabbed two Police Officers at Endeavour Hills Police Station? Where was the outcry from those supporting Muslim refugees when Muslim refugee Farhad Jabar in front of Parramatta Police Station gunned down Curtis Cheng?

The left is driven by misguided feelings and emotions only, the bastards don’t care about the real victims of Muslim refugee crime, and neither do the same they care about the victims of African refugee criminal gangs sweeping through our suburbs targeting white Australians in violent attacks. Again, the left is quiet or apologising for the invaders sick anti-social behaviour.

Holding public rallies and demonstrations is a powerful tool for the protestor wanting to shape public opinion and influence government decision-making. The ‘open borders’ protestors can manage to pull together ‘mad crowds’ of low IQ university students and teachers and emotionally driven church zombies working together to further drive a stake through the heart of struggling Australian families. We must not allow the deranged ‘open borders’ traitors a resistance free march. We need to meet our political opponents on the beaches, in their suburbs and at their rallies.

We witnessed the collapse of border control under Labor and Greens when legislative deterrents were removed resulting in an invasion of rusty boats hitting our shores aided by greedy Muslim smugglers profiting in human refuse.

The whole political paradigm is changing. You either support ‘open borders’ or you don’t. If you support ‘open borders’ you are responsible for the invasion of Australia and the ultimate changing demographics and increased crime and social friction your children and grandchildren will face.

Party for Freedom believes there is only one option left when our political enemies actively and publicly call on government to ‘open the floodgates’ to the disease ridden huddled masses of the third world, we need counter action on the streets.

On Sunday 9th April 2017, come to First Fleet Park, Circular Quay and join us in our counter rally against third world refugees, and their Soros funded supporters.

Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Date: Sunday 9th April 2017

Meet up: First Fleet Park, Circular Quay

Contact: Nick Folkes 0417-679972.


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