The Brexiting: It Begins...

on Apr 01, 2017 at 1:53 PM in Geopolitics, Politics, Society, Europe
Nine months after the British establishment got well and truly f**ked up the arse by the British voters, the Brexit baby has finally been born, with Prime Minister Theresa May acting as unwilling midwife.
Yesterday, May finally got round to invoking Article 50, the clause in the Treaty of Lisbon that covers members exiting the EU, which has been compared by some commentators to "The Hotel California"—i.e. you can check in anytime you want but you can never leave, an apt comparison, as music critics believe the song's lyrics refer to being in Hell.

So, can the UK finally escape from the Hell of a transnational organization, where the democratic will of the people is constantly shot down by preexisting webs of regulations, bureaucratic interference, and judicial interventions, and where politicians are effectively unaccountable?

Invoking Article 50 starts a "two-year process of negotiation," but more accurately it starts a two-year period of one-sided blackmail and threats as Britain seeks permission to leave.
This was clear in the response by the EU Parliament to May's official letter invoking Article 50, which said that Britain would be under EU legislation until 2022 and would not be able to make trade deals with third party countries in the meantime.
The EU has the whip hand here because a withdrawal agreement, which would cover "financial liabilities" (a polite word for ransom) and other issues, will need to be accepted by 20 of the EU’s remaining 27 member states, and then be passed by a majority in the European parliament.
But why jump through hoops? We believe that Britain's interests would be best served by simply ignoring Article 50 and unilaterally seceding. After all, Britain has nuclear weapons and the EU doesn't. Instant hard Brexit now!
You can tell her heart's not in it.


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