Our Garden Isn’t Big Enough — Give Us Yours!

The following video and text reports on the increasingly arrogant and aggressive demands made by a horde of “New Germans” that moved in next to a family of native Germans.

The video doesn’t have enough meaningful speech to make it worth translating. Egri Nök, who listened to the video and translated the notes that accompanied it, has this to say about it:

What I can make out is that someone with a foreign accent is yelling aggressive gibberish at people. People who appear to be Germans (no accents) answer, but too quietly for me to make anything out. Then noise as if from smashing, and the Germans protesting: “What is wrong with you? Are you a psychopath?” and “Call the police.”

I later found the German homeowner on Facebook — he’s a Doberman dog breeder from Hamburg.

The translated notes for the video:

Hi Folks,

I’m sick.

I have Molukken! [“Molukker” is local slang, an offensive, very non-PC word for a culture-enricher; an inhabitant of the Molucca Islands in Indonesia. — Translator]

Between January 1 and February 1, 2017, 18 (in words: eighteen) refugees moved in the rear house. A two-family house in the second row on a shared property.

We were somewhat skeptical but friendly.

Gave them TVs, furniture, DVD player, etc.

Now, after only 2 months, it looks a bit different.

Besides the constant noise, they have begun making demands.

The killer:

“Your garden is too big, give us some of it.”

“You are few, we are many, we need the garden!”

I should add that the rear house has got its own garden.

Today, March 27 2017, the shtick escalated.

Mister Refugee bawled out, threatened my neighbor and me, and tore down my fence with Allahu Akhbar.

My neighbor and I were having a hard time restraining ourselves from committing an offense.

As the fence is now missing, my Nazi dog [pooped] right on their lawn, which I thought was great.

One cannot do anything about the fact that the refugees use the access to the rear house as a playing ground, but there are no more quiet afternoons on the terrace.

We tried to get them to treat the dogs normally, but they simply enjoy teasing them all the time, in spite of being scared of them. So I need to keep the dogs locked up in the house to prevent accidents.

I’m sick, I have Molukken …

I guess we will spend the summer indoors, if we don’t want to risk anything happening.

Unfortunately, you are immediately a Nazi, when you discuss These issues with another German neighbour.

This is impossible!

Such an aggressive dude, so choleric, I worry that there will be a clash if he doesn’t get his way.

We gave this case to the police — results are pending.

Now we know what they meant when so-called right-winged websites write: “They drive us out, they are meant to replace us,” but you should not even think these things, or you will be a Nazi, but it is what we are experiencing at the moment.

So now I am one!


Unfortunately, the trees are in the way, but the tone is telling already. A neighbour lady recorded it. Thank you!


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