Rape on the Dance Floor: Culture-Enriching “Child” Heeds Terpsichorean Urge

Here’s another high-spirited “unaccompanied minor” from Afghanistan who got a little friskier than Swedish law allows. Not that he was punished severely — a slap on the wrist for the first offense, and then a minimal sentence for the second. But the energetic lad aims to overturn even that at the court of appeal, and avoid deportation.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article on Fria Tider:

Child Refugee Commits Rape in the Middle of the Dance Floor. Now He Wants to Avoid Deportation

[Insert in graphic: Afghan committed his first sex crimes against six girls one week after he arrived in Sweden as an unaccompanied child refugee.]

March 28, 2017

Domestic. The Afghan pedophile, Soltan, who had previously been convicted of sexual assault against six girls in an adventure water park, was sentenced in February to a short prison sentence and deportation for raping a woman on the dance floor of a nightclub. Now he is appealing the judgment to the court of appeal in order to avoid deportation.

On December 26, Soltan, who came to Sweden as an “unaccompanied minor” and now claims to be twenty years old, was in the Colosseum nightclub partying.

There were several people on the dance floor, which provided him the opportunity to grab a Swedish woman, insert his hand into her panties and penetrate her vaginally with one or more fingers.

“You can take test my [member]. I have not [had carnal knowledge of] her,” explained the Afghan when police confronted him.

In February the Södertörn District Court sentenced Soltan to eighteen months in prison for rape. He must also pay 115,000 kronor in damages to the woman and be expelled from Sweden for five years.

Documents made available to Fria Tider show that Soltan has appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal. He wants to reduce the damages, avoid deportation and even avoid imprisonment by asking the Court of Appeal to judge the crime as sexual molestation instead of rape.

Attacked girls in the bathhouse

Soltan was convicted in April 2014 of sexual assault against six girls. According to the verdict, he was together with three to four other unaccompanied minors from the HVB home in Alvesta and bathed in the Högevallsbadet water park in Lund. Soltan then had only been in Sweden for about a week, and the “boys” had been accompanied by an adult employee from their accommodation.

He checked out the girls’ butts, abdomen, thighs, between the legs, hips and even tried to pull up one girl’s bikini.

The Lund District Court sentenced him later to a juvenile facility and ordered him to pay 5,000 kronor in damages to the girls who became his victims.


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