China Goes on Offensive Against Islam, Bans Traditional Muslim Looks

Radical Islamic terrorism is continuing to invade corners of the globe not previously considered, and China is preparing to fight back against it.

As devout Muslims work their way into the nooks and crannies of the planet, many ready to radicalize at any moment, there have been a wide variety of reactions from world leadership. Former President Barack Obama’s genius plan was to basically ignore the problem until it went away. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t.) The current leadership in Germany and France have both allowed migrants nearly unfettered access to their nations in the wake of Syria’s massive crisis, allowing many crafty evil doers to slip across the border as well. President Donald Trump, after only 10 weeks in office, has twice attempted a temporary travel ban from terror-rich nations in order to bolster national security…although twice he’s been stymied by liberal, meddling judges.

Now, China is experiencing their own crisis of faith. Growing rightfully concerned about the influx of possible radical Islamists, the massive Asian nation is taking action.

China has banned wearing veils as part of a major crackdown on what it sees as religious extremism in the western province of Xinjiang.

The measure, which comes into effect Saturday, also bans ‘abnormal’ beards and names, as well as other ‘extremist signs.’ Forcing others to wear veils is also forbidden.

Xinjiang, China’s westernmost region, is home to the Uighurs, a Muslim group which claims to face discrimination from the Han Chinese.

According to regional officials the policy harks back to speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2014, in which he said religious extremism of “ethnic separatists” in Xinjiang threatened national security.

Addressing a party workshop on Xinjiang in Beijing Xi said separatists ‘severely damage the stability of Xinjiang, as well as national security with religious extremism as their ideological basis, violent terror as the main method, and national division as their ultimate goal.'

While this sort of measure would never fly in America, due to the freedoms inherent in our Constitution, China is recognizing the very distinct link between terror and the Muslim faith, and they are working to create an environment that is as safe as possible for their citizens. Sometimes, political correctness mightily meddles with our true ability to remain steadfast in our security.


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