Surprise! Transgender High School Track Star Dominates Competition

One coach in Connecticut doesn’t want anyone asking any questions about the newest star on his High School’s girls track team. Why?

“I have a spectacular female athlete,” coach Brian Calhoun told the Hartford Courant. “There’s nothing more to say. To approach it in any other way might create some sort of issue or conversation.”

Here’s the thing, there is an “issue” that we need to talk about. His “spectacular female athlete” also happens to be a biological male, which means he’s not a female athlete at all. 15-year old freshman Andraya Yearwood is a biological male who is competing with the girls because he’s told school officials that he “identifies” as a female. This means that while Andraya says that he’s a girl he has the physical trappings of a male, which means that he’s going to likely be bigger, stronger, and faster than his competition.

Andraya told the local media that, “she hopes to “inspire people, but not only with track.

“I hope it inspires people to not hold yourself back just because you’re scared of it or it is your first time doing it, or because of other people’s negativity,” she said.“I know they’ll say it is unfair and not right, but my counter to that is: Why not?” Ms. Nnaji told the newspaper. “She is competing and practicing and giving her all and performing and excelling based on her skills. Let that be enough. Let her do that, and be proud of that.”

I’m not sure what Andraya hopes to inspire but i’m guessing it’s not young girls. You see, the more we allow males to compete in female sports, the more difficult it will become for females to actually compete. By the time young people reach high school age males begin to seperate themselves physically and athletes, in particular, begin develop at an ever increasing rate. Andraya still has more than 3 years of High School eligibility and he is already dominating his competition, it is incredibly rare for a freshman to deliver such impressive results when pitted against their peers. Sadly, Andraya isn’t racing against his peers he’s racing against girls who can’t compete with his biology.

At the pace that liberals are running our culture away from sanity, girls competitive sports will likely be a thing of the past within a decade or two.


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