Jesuit Monk From Egypt: “The Numbers Do Not Lie; Europe Will Be Islamized”

Henri Boulad is an Egyptian-born Jesuit monk who was recently granted Hungarian citizenship. The following interview with Fr. Boulad was conducted in English by a Hungarian TV outlet, and then broadcast with a voice-over in Hungarian.

Many thanks to CrossWare for putting the interview back into English, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04 Welcome. Today we are talking with the Jesuit monk Henri Boulad,
00:08 on the occasion of his gaining Hungarian citizenship.
00:12 We are very happy to welcome you to the ranks of Hungarian citizens.
00:16 I am very happy too. You were born in Alexandria, Egypt;
00:20 your father was Syrian and your mother Italian.
00:24 No, my grandmother was Italian. Oh, yes, sorry; your grandmother.
00:28 You were living in Egypt — why did you requested the Hungarian citizenship?
00:32 Why did you think this important? This was a lucky chance.
00:36 The deputy of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Zsolt Semjén,
00:40 visited Alexandria and he asked me the question: how could he help?
00:44 I suggested: “With Hungarian citizenship.” He said,
00:48 “It’s taken care of.” My underlying idea behind this was: this is the way
00:52 that I can flow into the European politics in the future.
00:56 You could have applied to the French for citizenship, why the Hungarians?
01:00 The French refused me twice,
01:04 at the highest level.
01:08 My papers were perfectly prepared, and the French Immigration Office said
01:12 the papers were very impressive and they were fairly certain I would be granted citizenship,
01:16 but despite all that it did not came through in the highest level.
01:20 Then I tried a second time with the Élysée Palace, but I was refused again.
01:24 At that moment I understood, either the fault is with me or with them.
01:28 I accepted that France did not want me, with my cultural background.
01:32 But Hungary wants me, and I believe in Mr Orbán’s
01:36 politics. And Europe shatter slowly, if it doesn’t rethink itself.
01:40 If it does not restart its thinking and restore itself.
01:44 They must move again, because otherwise there will be a catastrophe in the end.
01:48 And the cause of that is liberalism, left-wing liberalism.
01:56 Earlier you criticized the modern form of cosmopolitanism,
02:00 and compared it with the world citizenship of Jesus.
02:04 What do you think, are modern cosmopolitans walking the path of Jesus,
02:08 or just the opposite?
02:12 Because the cosmopolitanism of Jesus was personal one,
02:16 his goal was to bring the people closer and unify them
02:20 in their difference. Do they contradict each other,
02:24 cosmopolitanism and the path of Jesus?
02:28 Jesus wants us to become one, brothers and sisters
02:32 in one body, as we say in the mystical body of Jesus. I state
02:36 this is globalism, but globalism in a spiritual sense.
02:40 This is a personal globalism, which respects all individuals,
02:44 all communities, all cultures, all associations and above all
02:48 human freedom. This is the word of the gospel.
02:52 But the present globalism tries to manipulate. First and foremost,
02:56 European countries in the interests of international capital groups.
03:00 I only mentioned them as “secret heads”,
03:04 those are pulling the strings in politics.
03:08 Very politely, but you criticized the Church,
03:12 because they do not resist political correctness,
03:16 the expected PC speech. Did you have in mind,
03:20 did you get any direction from the church about the
03:24 inflow of Muslim migrants
03:28 moving into Europe? One of the verses of
03:32 Psalm 85 is about the meeting of
03:36 love and truth
03:40 how love and truth are kissing each other.
03:44 If you have truth without love, it does not work,
03:48 because it is painful. Love without truth is not realistic, because that is just
03:52 wishful thinking. So the truth and love
03:56 must come together. Now the church
04:00 and those who live by those psalms are sacrificing faith.
04:04 We try to create a dialogue,
04:08 we try to please others, but this is all
04:12 the sale of faith and hiding of faith for truth.
04:16 So do you think political
04:20 correctness is false, and it is wrong? —Of course.
04:24 Political correctness is false,
04:28 the first person who fought against it was Jesus,
04:32 but the Church is politically correct, and with that it lost its goals.
04:36 It no longer proclaims the truth, not only the
04:40 truth of the psalms, but the TRUTH itself. The dialog between religions
04:44 that started fifteen years ago is a total slip-up,
04:48 a wrong path, but the Church does not want to recognize this,
04:52 it is unconscious, they flatter each other, say beautiful words to each other,
04:56 they drink coffee together… I have no problem with having coffee with others,
05:00 but we must say the words as they are; we do not have to please others.
05:04 On the other hand, the dialog between religions is not improving.
05:08 There is no evolution in it, because we are afraid to call the really hard
05:12 things by their names. We must face reality.
05:16 …One of the burning questions
05:20 is the present situation of European Christianity.
05:24 The churches are full of old people.
05:28 So what do you think,
05:32 is it a realistic danger, that Christianity will disappear from Europe?
05:36 In thirty years Europe will be Muslim.
05:40 Thirty years, that is the maximum. It is simple mathematics.
05:44 But this is only mathematics. Yes,
05:48 plus immigration, open and unlimited
05:52 immigration, which is also supported by the Pope.
05:56 There is an invasion occurring in Europe; the continent is under attack.
06:00 Migration is getting stronger and increasing; the European fertility is
06:04 only one third of that of the migrants. A European couple has one or two children, while
06:08 they have six or ten or more.
06:12 The numbers do not lie; Europe will be Islamized.
06:16 And there is the question of conversion, too.
06:20 More and more European converts to Islam, because they do not get answers and
06:24 they do not find a faith in the Church. And then Christianity will collapse in Europe.
06:28 The ones to blame for this will be the Europeans. They do
06:32 everything, but really, everything
06:36 to replace Christianity with Islam. You say that
06:40 Christianity is too abstract?
06:44 Does not give answers to burning questions such as,
06:48 for example: abortion, celibacy,
06:52 or divorce, remarriage and gender problems?
06:56 Do you think Christianity should be sharper?
07:00 You mention moral and ethical
07:04 questions. These questions must be asked,
07:08 but in an alternate way from the usual.
07:12 Not about the voice of acceptance; for openers, we have to talk about abortion;
07:16 the language of faith is incomprehensible for the Christians of today.
07:20 We have to talk about what is faith, the holy Trinity, what is God,
07:24 what is salvation, resurrection.
07:28 We talk about these with such words that nobody can understand anymore.
07:32 The purpose of religious education and Sunday sermons is
07:36 to bring the meaning of faith into everyday life. But today’s faith
07:40 does not bring any meaning into people’s lives. They are bored with the teachings,
07:44 the words of the priests. And the Church does not want to think about
07:48 its own thinking. They do not want to re-think it.
07:52 While we are on this topic, how do you think we can
07:56 make the Church more attractive to people?
08:00 Jesus is not about attractiveness; this is not about attractiveness
08:04 He himself was not attractive. Attractiveness means we fall into the media and commercial trap.
08:08 But we are now in the media and we talking on a television channel.
08:12 So is it important? —I do not try to please people;
08:16 I hate pleasing people.
08:20 I just tell the truth, and if that pleases someone,
08:24 it’s OK, it is all right by me, but I will not
08:28 try to please you or anybody else.
08:32 But the issue is that the Church is incapable of rethinking the way it should pass the message.
08:36 In 2007 I drew up these issues and problems, too,
08:40 in a letter I sent to Pope Benedict; the letter can be found in the Internet.
08:44 In that letter, I wrote that the Church must be reformed on three different sides.
08:48 In theological content, the work of the clergy and priests, and in spiritual meaning.
08:52 The theological reform must be about
08:56 how to put faith into words and how to hand it over.
09:00 Today that is simply horrid. An example here is the story of Creation.
09:04 There is Evolution and not Creation; God has no place in phylogenesis.
09:08 About the incarnation, we say Jesus came from Heaven.
09:12 Who would understand that? What is incarnation or Heaven?
09:16 Nobody could understand how it happened, why salvation
09:20 happened. We say he gave his blood for us. Who would understand that?
09:24 Or what is Original Sin? Nobody believes in Original Sin.
09:28 The Church is incapable of phrasing the meaning of Original Sin.
09:32 Two days ago I participated in a discussion, which was about
09:36 the new meaning of salvation. How it will be
09:40 meaningful to people. But do you see
09:44 a godly sign, something that will save the Europeans?
09:48 Do you see the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is
09:52 blowing out of the Church now.
09:56 I am sorry that I have to say this, but the Holy Spirit is leaving the Church.
10:00 In the past 400-500 years the voices they called heretic prepared the path
10:04 to the Second Vatican Synod, the results of which are indisputable.
10:08 It opened the windows and the voices escaped from the Church,
10:12 So the Second Vatican Synod was a blessing,
10:16 but it should have happened 200-300 years ago.
10:20 Well, it seems like it came too late; let me give an example:
10:24 this is like swallowing, you can’t stuff a week’s worth of food into yourself in twenty minutes,
10:28 because we would die. The Synod was not bad, just the opposite,
10:32 but came too late and too sudden too. Suddenly
10:36 it was there and it confused people and disturbed them.
10:40 Ok, let’s talk a little bit about
10:44 Islam and migration. Previously you warned
10:48 the Europeans not to believe Western professors;
10:52 the true nature of Islam is different, and they should ask Middle Eastern Christians about it.
10:56 With this you tried to say, that Islam is worse than what we think about it,
11:00 in the Middle-East? You have only
11:04 seen the beautiful side of Islam.
11:08 But there are two Islams, the Medinan and Meccan.
11:12 From the very beginning Islam chose the
11:16 values of the Medinan side.
11:20 Western thinkers, experts, are trying to convince themselves that up through
11:24 today the Meccan values are still the ones that prevail. The openness, tolerance,
11:28 Freedom. But my opinion is that this is just wishful thinking,
11:32 because the Muslims refuse these values,
11:36 and every reformer who tried to reverse this process failed.
11:40 They were swept away when they wanted to return to the roots of Islam.
11:44 Tolerance, love and peace: these were refused
11:48 by the highest Islamic religious authorities,
11:52 and they train the religious teachers, imams, and send them by the thousands all over the world,
11:56 and those are the ones who refuse the Meccan path.
12:00 Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the President of Egypt, asked them numerous times
12:04 to change their teachings, but they refused him, because this is the tradition.
12:08 The nature of Islam is always dualistic. Always radical,
12:12 and always political. Christianity is also radical, but not political.
12:16 So when we see that Islam is radical and political,
12:20 then it showed us its real colors.
12:24 Western researchers of Islam do not want to understand this,
12:28 but the Eastern Christians gave their blood.
12:32 You mentioned blood. 90,000 Christians
12:36 were murdered — every six minutes —
12:40 most of them by fundamentalist Muslims, why they doing this?
12:44 Why are they killing Christians? Does that divide or unite the Muslims?
12:48 School textbooks in Egypt describe
12:52 how to kill Christians,
12:56 how to massacre them — do not be surprised — that is in their textbooks.
13:00 Muslims nowadays — Hamed Abdel-Samad published a book in Germany —
13:04 which examines the connection of fascism to Islamism.
13:08 It is not I who gives warnings, but those Muslims
13:12 who lost their destiny and become Christians or agnostics [apostates].
13:16 They are the ones shouting: “Do not live in a dream world.”
13:20 This is the true nature of Islam. This is not said by me, Boulad.
13:24 I can produce hundreds of news sources like this from ex-Muslims.
13:28 They themselves warn us about Islam, but the West
13:32 do not want to understand, they are just repeating that they are on the right path.
13:36 That is why they do not believe me. I do not mind, but Europe is about to
13:40 fall apart, Europe is finished, because
13:44 they are so convinced about liberalism, socialism. Liberal discourse
13:48 became mainstream in their thinking, but this is suicide.
13:52 In political and sociological terms they are committing suicide,
13:56 and they do not want to hear the warnings.
14:00 They do not want to be scared. This is dramatic.
14:04 At least I would like to ask you, please
14:08 send a message to Hungarians, how should we behave
14:12 about Muslims, what we should we do
14:16 about immigration? Open-door immigration
14:20 is wrong, because Sweden has done it and now
14:24 they are dying, Sweden is finished.
14:28 Sweden is dying and
14:32 already dead. Germany is the same;
14:36 France is in halfway. So
14:40 I think Hungary should follow Viktor Orbán’s politics.
14:44 One might imagine that a couple of thousand Muslims could settle here, but only
14:48 if they are want to and are capable of integrating. If not, get out.
14:52 The example of Australia is the correct one.
14:56 They welcome everyone, but if you do not integrate, learn the language,
15:00 culture, you do not want to live with us,
15:04 just like the Portuguese, Spanish and Polish who can fit in, in a single generation,
15:08 and integrate perfectly, then they must go. Hungary is
15:12 a small country, but forming alliances with other countries must begin
15:16 to form a new Europe, to save their identity
15:20 and traditions. Europe will die out, but it is your task to save
15:24 their souls, because they sink like a boat with only twenty seats;
15:28 when a hundred want to get in,
15:32 all will die. I think the quotas are only the expression of
15:36 leftist liberal ideology. Political correctness stops
15:40 listening to anybody else who might have a different opinion.
15:44 But this is not right. You have the right — only the people have rights —
15:48 so Europe would be able to save itself,
15:52 but we are running out of time; it is almost too late already.
15:56 Wake up, open your eyes. Wake up.
16:00 Wake up. Open your eyes. See what is happening.

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