Halal-Slaughtering Sheep in the Garden
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Halal-Slaughtering Sheep in the Garden


Copied from Baron Bodissey by 
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Culture-enrichers near Cologne decided that German laws against home butchering didn’t apply to them, and halal-slaughtered a number of sheep in their garden. Or tried to — they seem to have botched the job.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the news magazine Tag 24:

Police Action! Family halal-slaughter five sheep in garden

Düren — Easter Saturday, Düren, a Cologne suburb of 90,000 in North Rhine-Westphalia. Suddenly neighbours hear the desperate death cries of sheep. They call the police.

The officers can hardly believe their eyes when they arrive at the “crime scene”.

A family had turned their small garden into an amateur slaughterhouse, shortly before Easter.

Five sheep were scheduled to be halal-slaughtered by the men of the family. According to Express, they went about it very unprofessionally.

Three of the animals were lucky: the officers managed to save them. They are in an animal shelter now. Police are investigating.

According to the translator, Express.de gives the same account, but additionally mentions the obvious: a family “with a migration background”.

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