California College Decides American Flag Is 'Optional'
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California College Decides American Flag Is 'Optional'


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The student senate of the University of California at Davis has made displaying the American flag optional.

A resolution, passed last week, says that because “the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual, it should not be compulsory that the flag is in view at all times during Senate meetings.”

In a highly bureaucratic dance (the young students are apparently preparing to become Democratic politicians), the revised bylaws "give senate members the option to petition for the display of the flag 24 hours before each meeting. The ASUCD senate pro tem ultimately has authority to decide whether the U.S. flag will be displayed, according to the revision," reports The Sacramento Bee.

Jose Antonio Meneses, who introduced the resolution, said the changes were meant to ensure the student government is following federal law, which he says doesn’t allow an organization to mandate displaying the flag.

“It wasn’t political in any way,” Meneses said. “But because it is the United States flag ... it’s a touchy subject to talk about. We want to make sure we are not sued.”

Gofman disagreed, saying all governing bodies within the U.S. – including a student senate – should display the flag.

“It was a purely political issue from the start,” Gofman said.

The student government decision drew attention from internet blogs, many conservative – including Fox News Insider, the Daily Caller and The Blaze. Some stories say the flag has been “banned,” “banished” or “dropped.”

Meneses said that while he supports freedom of speech, many of the stories are inaccurate.

“It’s not a ban on the flag,” he said.

One reporter who covers the inane antics of liberal colleges hit the nail on the head. "We've got patriotism triggering people now," Campus Reform reporter Cabot Phillips said.

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