Femen vs. Marine Le Pen

During a recent campaign appearance by Marine Le Pen, a Femen activist rushed the stage where the leader of the Front National was speaking. At least it seems to have been a Femen operative, although the young lady was fully clothed, which is not usually the case. Ms. Le Pen was unscathed, and continued speaking.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00 We need to quickly go back to the incidents that marked this meeting; there were some before,
00:04 there were some during, two especially, a woman, who tried to… who did climb
00:08 onto the stage during Marine Le Pen’s speech: there she is! —Voilà,
00:12 and who tried to disrupt, and who was very quickly
00:16 evicted by Marine Le Pen’s security crew. We don’t know
00:20 if it was an action by Femen, but… —Yes, because this woman tried to take her clothes off, she did
00:24 have writing on her chest, so one might think that. —Voilà, it’s generally Femen’s modus operandi.
00:28 We don’t know yet; there were also incidents before the beginning of the meeting.
01:08 Chant: Marine President!
01:16 Chant: It’s our home!
01:33 Those left-wing extremists are walking
01:37 on their heads…
01:41 There you have a total inversion of values, who are coming to disrupt
01:45 a meeting for the ONLY WOMAN who is defending women!
02:01 Chant: Marine President!
02:21 Women of France, I call out to you to raise your heads with me!
02:25 In order to defend your rights!

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