President Trump’s Weekend Plans Will Leave You Brimming With Pride

on Apr 24, 2017 at 8:10 PM in 2016 Elections, Politics, North America

President Donald Trump, as all republican presidents before him, has taken an inordinate amount of criticism at the hands of the liberal media and America’s leftists goons.

Given that Trump is certainly more controversial than most presidents, the vitriol of the lunatic left has been at an all time high during his first 100+ days in office. Not only have democrats and progressives turned violent in the wake of Trump’s inauguration, but they have devised increasingly more elaborate criticisms of the businessman turned politician in a transparent attempt to delegitimize the Commander in Chief.

One of the left’s most prominent complaints regarding Donald Trump has been what he does with his weekends. For some reason, liberals don’t seem to grasp the fact that Trump is conducting diplomacy even when he is not tethered to the desk in the Oval Office, leading to absurd accusations regarding the President’s time in Florida at his Mar A Lago estate.

This weekend, however, the left has nothing to say, as President Trump honored one heroic American in a YUGE way.

President Donald Trump marked his first visit to a military hospital with wife Melania Trump in order to award a Purple Heart to an Army sergeant.

Trump said he was so moved by the story of Sergeant 1st Class Alvaro Barrientos, who was wounded in Afghanistan on March 17, that he wanted to do the honor himself.

Melania stood by her husband’s side at the visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, outside Washington, on Saturday.

Before pinning the award on Barrientos, Trump remarked: ‘When I heard about this and I wanted to do it myself.’

The occasion marked Trump’s first visit as president to the military hospital.

President Trump’s appreciation for the U.S. military was one of the more salient disparities between himself and democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Clinton’s record on the military is downright disastrous, not only with her ill-advised vote to enter Iraq on flimsy intelligence, but also her complete abandonment of American servicemen in Benghazi.


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