More Culture-Enriching Hospital Rapes, This Time in Hamburg

Modern Multicultural Germany is so insane, so unfathomably nuts, that I have trouble taking it in. Read the following article from Die Welt and see for yourself.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

A 29-year-old man allegedly invaded several hospital rooms. One woman managed to persuade him to leave her room. But he surprised a girl in her sleep.

The police of Hamburg have provisionally arrested a 29-year-old Afghan, who is suspected to have performed sexual acts in a patient room in the hospital St. Georg on a 15-year-old patient.

The man had been taken to the hospital’s A&E due to his alcohol poisoning. There, in an unsupervised moment, he gained entrance to a ward and entered the room of a 57-year-old woman. But she woke up and talked to the 29-year-old and got him to leave her room. After that the 29-year-old entered the room of the sleeping 15-year-old and performed sexual acts on her. She yelled for help loudly, so he let go of her and initially fled.

Shortly thereafter he was stopped and detained by security. Police, who had been called in the meantime, temporarily arrested the suspect. The incident actually occurred last Saturday, but was only made public on Tuesday by a police announcement. After taking his personal data, he was released for lack of reasons for arrest.

The translator includes this afterword:

For additional information:

The same St. Georg Hospital, and the Altona Hospital, now offer an escort service for their nurses after shift, because within the past few weeks two nurses have been raped on hospital premises or in a nearby park, when they heard someone yelling for help —hey rushed to where the shouts coming from, and instead found themselves attacked, beaten up and brutally raped by several men[1].

St. Georg and Altona are traditional, but heavily enriched, inner-city districts of Hamburg.

As to the situation in Hamburg in general, the daily newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt writes:

“The number of rapes and grave sexual coercions increased over the past year (2016) by 25 percent to a number of 181. And there is a new trend: While in the past the majority of rapes and sexual coercions took place within relationships, last year, more victimized women did not know their assailant, and were assaulted on the street.”[2]


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