Interviews With Microcephalic Macron Supporters

on Apr 27, 2017 at 8:41 PM in Degradation, Marine 2017, Politics, Society, Europe

Emmanuel Macron is the pretty-boy socialist candidate that Marine Le Pen will face in the run-off of the French presidential election. He is being widely touted as France’s Obama, and the following video will give you an idea of why the characterization is apt.

During Barack Hussein Obama’s first campaign for president back in 2008, do you remember some of the interviews with his supporters that revealed how clueless, uninformed, ignorant, and intellectually challenged they were? Well, voilà! Listen to some of the Gallic geniuses who support Emmanuel Macron.


00:00 Good afternoon. —Good afternoon. —You support Macron? —Absolutely! —Why?
00:04 Because, he’s handsome, duh! He’s easy on the eyes!
00:08 Well, he is the incarnation of fresh, of renewal and all that! —OK.
00:12 “Renewal” what does it mean? —It means he’s not a grandpa of 70
00:16 who is running for office, instead of retiring; it means it’s someone who’s not even 40 years old.
00:20 And voilà! —Who was a part of François Hollande’s government. —Exactly. And it’s not a problem
00:24 In fact it’s kind of a new vision.
00:28 What vision? —This vision unites people who don’t necessarily agree.
00:32 All right, it doesn’t necessarily mean that… —United under what ideas? What are those ideas?
00:36 What are those ideas? …Julien, help us!
00:40 Julien, what are Emmanuel Macron’s ideas?
00:44 I don’t see them — We’ll see during the meeting.
00:48 So in fact, you don’t know —Oh, I do know, but I don’t really want to talk about it.
00:52 Thank you very much. Have a nice meeting! —Thank you
00:56 I’ll look for the ideas of Emmanuel Macron — Look for them. You will find them soon.
01:00 I think — I hope, I hope. Good afternoon Monsieur.
01:04 What are Emmanuel Macron’s ideas? —I have no idea. —You don’t know? —No.
01:08 What are Emmanuel Macron’s ideas?
01:12 Is it compulsory? —Not at all — Go ahead, Emmanuel Macron’s ideas?
01:16 [lady in the back] We are there? We are there?
01:20 [another lady in the back] I don’t want to answer the question.
01:24 Well, they are good. —What are the
01:28 political ideas he is defending? Exactly? —Hmm.
01:32 It’s a good question… hmm.
01:40 I don’t know. Honestly, it’s a complicated question.
01:44 Additionally I haven’t understood everything… I’m not going to…
01:48 Well… how should I put it?
01:52 I admit that
01:56 I found out only recently about his different talking points.
02:00 I watched a number of his videos on his site, a couple of minutes ago, and voilà.

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