New Anti-terror Unit Will Target Potential Australian Extremists

on May 01, 2017 at 10:14 AM in Migration, Islamization, Politics, Society, Australia

NSW Police will form a new unit aimed at identifying and investigating people who could be vulnerable to radicalisation by terrorism groups.

New commissioner Mick Fuller will announce the Fixated Persons Investigations Unit, comprising 15 detectives and mental health experts, later on Wednesday.

While the link between mental health and terrorism is controversial, Mr Fuller told The Australian “we’ve got to be courageous enough to say some of these people have got significant mental health issues.”

Police hope the new unit would help them identify and stop individuals like Lindt Cafe gunman Man Haron Monis, who ­attacked the Martin Place, Sydney, cafe in December 2014, resulting in the deaths of cafe manager Tori ­Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson.

Monis was diagnosed by at least one doctor as schizophrenic and had a long history of offensive, ­religious-style propaganda, but who was not being actively investigated at the time he stormed the cafe.


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