Key Moments Of Final Macron-Le Pen Duel Before French Presidential Run-off

on May 04, 2017 at 4:47 PM in Marine 2017, Society, Politics, Europe

The two remaining contenders for the French presidency, centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, on Wednesday battled it out on live TV one last time before Sunday’s nail-biting run-off vote. FRANCE 24 captured the key moments.

  • Wednesday night’s debate kicked off with Le Pen calling Macron a “smirking banker”. Macron responded by accusing his rival of being a liar, setting the tone for a pugnacious debate.
  • The first hour of the debate was dominated by economic issues, including policies to tackle unemployment, budget deficits and revamping the economy.
  • On national security, Le Pen accused Macron of lacking a plan to tackle Islamist fundamentalism. Macron said his rival’s security plan would divide France, thereby fulfilling the goals of the terrorists.
  • The second half of the 2.5-hour-long debate focused on international policies, including the European Union, the euro, and France’s place in the world.
  • While Le Pen accused Macron of being German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s lapdog, saying “in any case, France will be run by a woman: Me or Madame Merkel,” Macron accused Le Pen of fear-mongering and challenged her stance on the euro, because “a big company cannot pay in euros on one hand and pay its employees in francs on the other”.
  • 63 percent of people surveyed by Elabe pollsters for BFM TV found Macron more convincing in the debate than Le Pen.

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