Obama Is The Macron Template

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We’re watching the final showdown between two reportedly unpopular candidates vying for the office of president… in France. At least, that’s the account in most of the mainstream press, along with the tale that Emmanuel Macron is a centrist and Marine LePen is a far-right neo-Nazi. Neither description appears to be grounded in much fact.

Familiar story? The international press is painting the French candidates in much the same light as they did our own contest between Clinton and Trump. On this side of the Atlantic, we hear it every election. The democrats are the moderates and the republicans are the right-wing reactionaries. But there’s more to this corollary than meets the eye.

Macron’s seedy past

The rise of Obama as a new world messiah who would save America from itself is being repeated in France with a younger replica.

There are a few differences in that Macron’s seedy past is tied to his student-teacher adulterous relationship with the woman who has since become his wife. Obama’s is fraught with communism, drugs and, apparently, homosexuality according to reports regarding a new tell-all book. Both, however, were mentored by ludicrously wealthy, economy-busting, money magnates. It’s probably safe to say that the Rothschild partner had a practical template to follow in how George Soros orchestrated the rise of a malleable Obama to the Presidency of the United States.

Whereas the Bankers Rothschild have been stirring up international affairs for centuries, Soros was a quick study. Introduced to the nuances of leveraging force against the vulnerable amid the backdrop of WWII Hungary and Romania, Soros learned the power of fear. He has since made a lucrative career of generating terror, whether monetarily or by insurrection, to create outcomes to his personal benefit. Destabilizing governments is at the top of Soros’ list for developing a ripe market to be reaped (some might say ‘raped’). For Soros, the more centralized a government and its economy, the better for picking the fruits, and Europe has been his romper room for decades.

The first that anyone really took notice of Soros was in 1992 when he managed the crash of the British pound and gained the title, the “man who broke the Bank of England.” The hedge fund manager operated offshore (hedge funds were illegal in the U.S. at that time) with a majority of Arab investors. His Quantum Fund (now reorganized and renamed) had fingers in every pie imaginable – precious metals, mining, oil, currency arbitraging and, covertly and perhaps as an individual, arms – and it funded the Open Society Institute (now Foundation). OSI’s tentacles could be, and still are, found in every influential environmental organization (Tides, Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, etc.), social justice groups like MoveOn.Org and BlackLivesMatter, press such as Media Matters and infiltrating health and educational organizations in numerous nations. (Soros’ story is detailed in the researched, fact-based novel Gold Baron.)

Noting Soros’ predilection for uniformity and supporting centralized government entities that are easier to manipulate, it’s worth speculating why he targeted the United Kingdom in 1992 for currency takedown. The Maastricht Treaty had just been negotiated in ‘91 to create the European Union out of the European Community or European Common Market. The currency manipulation of Black Wednesday, September 16, 1992, that netted Soros $1.1B in a day’s work, was likely timed to increase pressure on European nations regarding the new union that would go into effect in 1993, instilling fear of market vulnerability if they retained financial independence. The treaty was ratified in February of 1992 and the push to create a single currency, the euro, was on its way.

Our legal researcher, Toddy Littman, made this observation in his article in November 22, 2011: “For all the hype that liberals have against the wealthy, they appear to remain blind to wealthy liberals who often became wealthy off the backs of a nation’s people. George Soros in particular made over 1.1 billion dollars in virtually 1 day when breaking the Bank of England, and it is estimated that this profit is around 24 British pounds taken from each member of the entire population of England and was the cause of tax increases.”

Soros had already made an attempt to undermine Asian markets when he brought the Thai baht to its knees in 1997. Was that a dry run for Black Wednesday?

Macron is a European incarnation of Obama and probably why the former president has endorsed the French candidate, seeing himself in the younger man’s ambitions. Macron even appeared to emulate Obama by going to Germany and addressing the young people there with his vision for a greater and more empowered centralized government in Brussels. That must be what the media means by “centrist.”

As imperfect as LePen appears to be, much as might be said of Trump, she embraces the culture of her native country that is being subverted by an invasive political system under the guise of a religion, all with the blessing of the European Union. To what end? It seems fairly obvious the point is to weaken the separate national social orders to increase dependence on an EU government and economy.

There are times when national pride is important and necessary. It looks like this is one of those times.


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