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Usually I begin this column with a “Why we prep” section in which I highlight an example of national or international nuttiness which underscores the need to be prepared. Today’s column will be a bit different. The whole column will highlight some nuttiness.

New data from Wakefield Research found that one in 10 couples, married and not, have ended their relationships in a battle over Trump. For younger millennials, it’s 22 percent.

“Since Donald Trump’s election, political discourse in the U.S. has been more tense and divisive than ever,” Wakefield said. … In fact, 24 percent of Americans in a relationship or married and 42 percent of Millennials told the survey that “since President Trump was elected, they and their partner have disagreed or argued about politics more than ever.”

This article is, in part, “fake news” in that it personalizes and assigns an example of the regrowth of world-wide nationalism to the incidental election of the current U.S. president. The fierce arguments, broken family relationships and “brothers fighting against brothers” actually have very little to do with President Trump. To prove that point, ask a lot of the people who initially supported “The Donald” how they think he’s doing at keeping his campaign promises.

No, the reality is that the growing discord is far more fundamental. It’s the difference between nationalism and internationalism; the divergence between those whose moral pilot is a compass rather than a carousel; the growing divide between those who sing “My country tis of thee …” rather than “We are the world.”

Today, the progressive world is dancing a victory jig over France because a left-centrist won the presidential election while defeating a right-centrist by roughly 25 percent (65/35). CNN declared, Macron defeats populism in France, apparently dismissing the concept that populism means “the will of the populace.” What CNN leaves out is that Macron won because a whole lot of über-leftists held their noses and became “never-Le Pensters” after their own candidates went down in flames.

But since the left can be defined as “those who not only never learn from history, but skipped history classes altogether,” let’s take a quick look at the failed “über-right” French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

Wikipedia says Le Pen expelled members of her party who were accused of “racism, anti-Semitism, or pétainism … including her own father.” She also supported civil unions for same-sex couples, legal recognition of same-sex partnerships, unconditional abortion and she withdrew support for the death penalty from her own party platform. Sounds pretty lib to me.

Her sins?

Le Pen has an irrational distrust of the unelected multinational bureaucrats that run the EU (into the ground) and a jihadi-phobic fear of peaceful-as-the-grave immigrants who only want a slice of the “dream de la France” – and, of course, all the women.

Those “sins” seem entirely reasonable to me, but what do I know? I’m just an American nationalist. However I do read history. In her 2012 election bid, Le Pen only got 18 percent of the vote. And President-elect Emmanuel Macron beat Le Pen last Sunday by running as the “If it ain’t fixed, don’t break it” candidate, which means five more years of more of the same. The uptick in Le Pen’s popularity as a candidate over the past five years suggests that in the next election she might have a real chance … but probably not – for a couple of reasons.

People like Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry, Roberto Maroni, Matteo Salvini, Nigel Farage and many other leaders of nationalist European movements are gaining support, while the failing left is beginning to flail. And that flailing only increases the danger.

Here’s a California metaphor: Let’s say you have a dam. It’s big and powerful and it holds back a large reservoir (French word, that!). It’s quite unique, especially because the “dams are icky” party hasn’t allowed any new dams to be built since the 1970s. Everything is ducky … until the storm of the century lets loose upstream.

Suddenly the flood waters are rising and the pressure is mounting. There’s a real fear on the part of the elite (social) engineers that the dam might burst. The dam spill-way is roaring with the overflow and the discharge is so big and so explosive that it’s beginning to erode the surface of the retaining structure and threatens to undermine the foundation.

You’ve got to protect the dam, but how? You don’t have any upstream checkpoints to slow the incoming water because the money that would have built and manned those structures was used instead to protect and “unman” social diversity. Not only that, but the educational and intellectual quality of your engineers has been sorely degraded by a preferential hiring policy based on personal pronouns.

So to protect the dam, you close the spill-way.

We old-time engineering types understand “water will wet us” and “fire will burn.” We also know that eventually if the inflow isn’t stopped, either the dam will fail or the water will find another way out. That’s as sure as sunrise; and where the breach finally occurs will be anyone’s guess. But as history and physics show, it will occur.

So what does this have to do with France, or the Netherlands, or Germany, or England … or the United States?

As the pressures of internationalism, multiculturalism, secularism, relativism and despotism increase in each of these nations, the potential damage to the big and powerful dams of the elites is increasing. And each of these states will do anything – anything – to protect their power. I expect for the next five years, the French government will do whatever it can to effectively outlaw nationalism. It will close the pressure-relieving spillway of lawful descent while keeping the borders wide-open and the in-flow unchecked.

And when those common everyday mom-and-pop patriotic nationalists who are getting robbed, raped and murdered can’t find any legal relief … well, there’ll be someone who will come along with a powerful and persuasive voice calling, “Follow me. Follow me to the breach.”

Fifty percent of the population and 80 percent of the area of the United States is in the red “tribal” lands and the remainder is with the blue “tribe.” The center of the red zone mass is moving further right toward the infrared, while the blue is migrating to the ultraviolet left. Civil discourse between the two “tribes” is becoming impossible; and when talking no longer works, only action remains.

Now some of you will think I’m a fear-monger or a conspiracy nut. For those who refuse to read the writing on the wall, I ask, “What can we do to shrink the growing divide?” Don’t even bother to answer that question if your solution calls for one tribe to capitulate to the other – because total capitulation of diametrically opposed societies has only occurred one way in all of human history.

And it’s coming again. There’s nothing new under the sun.

And that’s one of the reasons we prepare.


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