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It is a long time since flogging was discontinued in the West, and even birching has not been with us for decades. All corporal punishment is a no-no. Instead we must systematically and chronically punish those who deviate (unless one is a member of the Sturmabteilung Antifa who are permitted to bash anybody who does not submit to global fascism) by long term incarceration, an expensive form of extended legalized torture.

Word, words and more words, each one loaded with visual LSD. Buy this; donate to that; girls are boys; real men are gay; babies are bad.

Everything we see and hear that is not part of a complete face-to-face conversation has the potential to be lies, and, unfortunately, much of it is.

Most of us look at prisons in a certain way. We do not think of the dungeons of the dictators, but of rehabilitation and re-education. But the reality is that prisons are nasty hell-holes of corruption that are more likely to produce graduate-level criminals and terrorists than any kind of reformed citizen. It is the propaganda that keeps the reality wolf from the door.

By what means can we allow Christianity to be denigrated as loony in one breath, and Islam upheld as the ‘religion of peace’ in the next? Even the Pope upholds Islam whilst allowing Christians to be slaughtered with little more than a murmur of protest.

The fact that an anti-Christian and anti-creationist bias exists among faculty at public universities— especially in science departments— has been well-known and well-documented for many years now. A new video report by the Alliance Defending Freedom has shown just how far that anti-Christian bias has now crept into the thinking of everyday college students on campus. When asked if they would support a law which forces Muslims to participate in activities on a professional level that go against their faith, students universally said no; but when the same question was posed with Christians instead of Muslims, they were unwilling to extend Christians the same rights!

Our London rammer self-identifies as muslim, so we are told, but we are also told that a real muslim would not do what he did…

But when a boy self-identifies as a girl, he has every right to use female facilities. Modern life is sooooo confusing.

Engineering is a precise skill. It turns science into technology. Bad engineering kills people; good engineering benefits us enormously. But there is an exception: social engineering is not a precise skill. We pretend to know the science behind it, when in actuality we know very little. So when social engineers start selling us their wares, be afraid, be very afraid. History shows us that this form of engineering is nearly always lethal on a large scale.

Before the age of radio, there was little in the way of mass communication. There was the local newspaper where, news was news and opinion was opinion, and advertising could be ignored.

Early radio reached many millions of people with the same social engineering message: it was acceptable, even desirable, for women to smoke in public. Sales of cigarettes rose dramatically, and everybody was happy.

Radio ads, carefully embedded within popular programs, were much more difficult to ignore…

So ladies smoked in public; it was no longer frowned upon. Score one for social engineering.

The undermining of the family using media propaganda started with the relatively honest desire to make money. Split a family, sell two washing machines rather than one.

Now, every TV show has to have its LBGTHijLIJK liaison, or else it is not cool! Or is it that we have to be taught, that we have to be remodelled, rebuilt, re-engineered to be the new man so beloved of the dictators of history?

Only it doesn’t work. It has never worked and it will never work. It just produces a mess; people die in large numbers, and we go back to brute ignorance.

Soon those of us who received an education where we were taught to think for ourselves will become old, feeble and mostly dead, and the new generations will have to fend for themselves. Have we provided them with the tools to survive? No, we plonked them in front of the goggle box and let them get on with it.

When we trashed our TV in 1978, my wife and I got a lot of flak because our children would become ‘outsiders’ by not getting their daily dose of pixilated psycho-vaccine. As a result they would not be part of the reality-immune herd, and would therefore be sensitive to outside influences. They might even see through the lies!

Our modern society has been largely shaped by Hitler and Stalin — Stalin good; Hitler bad. Although latterly Stalin, personally, has had some bad press, it did not stick to his policies. Those guys Adolf and Joseph were so similar they could have been identical twins. It is difficult to decide whether modern society is Communist or Fascist, or just an amalgam of both (i.e. Nazi). I see the word ‘Orwellian’ used more and more to describe reality rather than fiction; more and more, ‘big brother’ is moving to the non-fiction shelves. Can we really trust anybody at all with our personal data even when it might possibly ‘protect’ us from terrorism? But come the wonderland global utopia, that data is more likely to convict us of ‘terrorism’. “Ah, Alice” said the Queen of Hearts “you browsed the GoV website five years ago — off with her head!”. And the Cheshire cat just grinned and went back to sleep.” (with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

I grew up with the BBC news and have been influenced by it for some sixty years. We got our first TV in the late fifties; I even wrote about it for Liberty GB — yes, that’s me, the weedy one on the left.

The modern BBC is a pseudo-independent propaganda channel. It is at the vanguard of the Cultural Marxist long march through the institutions, and is now so corrupted that it believes its own propaganda and cannot tell the difference between news and spin. The BBC (and the BBC Trust, its supervising quango of the great and good) sincerely believe that it exists as a social force to define right behaviour and wrong behaviour. It is an electronic pulpit for the self-appointed bishops of globalism and their multiculti platitudinalism.

Muslims murder people on our streets in disproportionate numbers in relation to their demographic. They are also, on the whole, occupiers in our countries because they want to change our nations to their political and legal systems. Their object is that their Sharia law must supersede our national law. When the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939, they first imposed their martial law, and subsequently imposed their Nazified form of civil law. Is there any real difference? Or is it all just wrapped in a propaganda-inspired multicultural diaper?

Again, when the USSR gained control in Eastern Europe it was a soviet-style body of law that was imposed on the conquered people.

So what is it with this Islamic invasion? Is Sharia law more desirable than the Nazi or Soviet legal systems? This is not about religions of peace or war; it is about which legal systems we have to live under. Do we keep our legal system based upon the boring Old Testament law that has been shown to work so exceedingly well, or do we adopt sexy, fashionable but totally failed systems such as Shariah? Or Nazism? Or Communism?

It is a stark question which we must all answer for ourselves, despite the propaganda.

‘Backlash’ is a word used to describe the actions of those who make the ‘wrong’ decision in the view of the tolerazzi, those who believe that all ‘isms’ are of equal value (except those that they disagree with, of course). To them, the (anti-muslim) backlash is the real bogeyman and must be avoided at all cost, so they criticize the victims and justify the perps. In that manner we bottle up the (as yet non-existent) backlash in a raft of social engineering. They relabel the world’s most violent politicized ‘religion’ a ‘religion of peace’ and turn up the volume on the propaganda whilst sweeping the rape of minors, FGM and legalized wife-beating under the carpet. So all you good global dupes citizens, put on your pussy hats and march behind the convicted Palestinian Islamic terrorist and murderer, after all, (President) Trump IS the backlash!


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