Italian Identitaires Block an NGO “Refugee Rescue” Ship

on May 15, 2017 at 5:41 PM in Migration, Politics, Society, Europe

For the last couple of years various NGOs — a number of them funded by George Soros’ foundations — have engaged in the notorious practice of sailing to the territorial waters of Libya and “rescuing” boatloads of migrants. In many cases the passenger exchanges between the people traffickers and the NGO vessels occur almost within sight of the Libyan shore. The traffickers and the “rescue” ships usually communicate in advance to arrange the transfer of migrants.

On Friday night a group of Italian and Austrian Identitaires made a valiant but ultimately futile attempt to block one of those NGO ships and prevent it from leaving a southern Italian port on its way to Libyan waters.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Migrants — Blitz against NGO: Identitaires block ship that goes to Libya

The demonstration by some militants from Generation Identitaire. They place themselves with a boat in front of an NGO ship. Cleared away by Coast Guard.

A blitz in all respects which for a time blocked a ship for SOS Mediterranee, one of the NGOs most active in the recovery of migrants along the coast of Libya.

The action against the NGO

The action took place last night and was accomplished with a lifeboat placed in front of the Aquarius. In the video published online by Lauren Southern, the militants of Generation Identitaire can be seen lighting smoke from the their small boat and singing, “No more illegal immigration.” The Aquarius begins its exit from the port, but the Identitaires block the way. “Get in front. They have to stop,” says someone from the small boat while the enormous rescue boat can be seen advancing, on which are also volunteers from Doctors Without Borders. After a few instants, a voice is heard shouting with a megaphone. It is not clear if it is from the Coast Guard or the NGO: “Get out of the way.”

“A little while ago,” wrote the authors of the action on social media, “activists from Generation Identitaire Italy and Identitaire Movement Austria together with the journalist Lauren Southern, at the port of Catania, equipped with a boat, blocked the ship Aquarius as it tried to sail toward the coast of Libya in attempt to take on more illegal immigrants for our ethnic substitution.

Obviously within a short time the Coast Guard intervenes to remove the blockade and permit the activists from SOS Mediterranee to resume. “Peacefully, but with firmness,” continues Generation Identitaire, “we conducted this action to protest against the mass replacement of our people, but also against the absurd deaths at sea that this NGO causes by increasing the illusion of a non-existent Eldorado. All this happens daily in the Mediterranean, and we have said, ‘Enough’. No more disembarkations, no more silent genocide against the Europeans, no more deaths at sea. The Coast Guard, according to what was reported by the boys via Twitter, kept them in custody for a few hours and then released them.


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