Take Off Your Hood!

on May 21, 2017 at 6:12 PM in Islamization, Society, North America

The following video was recorded by a Muslima in Washington State, who obviously wanted to generate sympathy for herself, and demonstrate that she was treated badly and “discriminated against”. Her issue is that she was asked to take off her veil in a credit union, since it was their policy that no one could wear hoods or hats inside their office. Given that there were other customers wearing hats, she considered that she had been subjected to unfair and discriminatory treatment.

There are several things to note about this brief clip. It’s hard to see the hats that the other customers are wearing, but they appear to be baseball caps or something similar. That is, the credit union’s staff were applying a common-sense interpretation of their rules — ball caps don’t cover anything except the top of the head, and are therefore not an issue. Presumably they would have objected to ski masks and hats with ear flaps (known in my part of the country as “retard hats”), which obscure parts of the face that help identify people.

The second thing to think about is what was left out of this video. The young woman has edited it to present her case in the best possible light. We don’t see anything until after the credit union has already invoked its rules. What did the Muslima do to annoy the staff? Because obviously she must have done something — made a scene or staged an incident. She somehow drew attention to herself in a way designed to create an actionable grievance.

How will a judge rule if this case goes to court?

Also: The bank must have surveillance camera footage of the incident. If anybody has seen videos showing the missing parts of what happened, please leave links in the comments.

Now watch for yourselves:


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