UKIP And The Islamic Republic of Britain

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) opposes membership in the European Union, but it does not deal with the issues of Islamic immigration and Islamization. This was true under the leadership of Nigel Farage, and it has been true since he left. The leadership cracks down on any party member who shows evidence of “Islamophobia”. Paul Nuttall, the current party leader, recently repudiated our friend Gerard Batten for his stance on Islam.

UKIP Daily is independent of the party and is a reflection of the membership’s views.

Nuttall does not present consistent arguments. On the one hand, he argues for one law for all, a tenet of English law since the Magna Carta, and on the other visits a mosque during a by-election campaign (Stoke). A female party leader would not have had the chance to accept that invitation as it would not have been extended. He should have refused on that basis alone.

There is growing awareness of the muslim rape gangs that have been operating with impunity in the UK for the last forty years. The political class thought that they had swept it under the carpet with the Jay report on Rotherham. Two and a half years later it is coming back bigger than ever. The Justice for Chelsey campaign in Sunderland is not going away. Tommy Robinson is in court tomorrow for contempt of court for reporting on a gang rape in Kent of a sixteen-year-old girl who asked for directions.


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