Winners Are Losers, Losers Are Winners

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The elections in Holland took place on the 15th of March. What has happened since that day? Not a damn thing. Parties* are negotiating. Not all the time, though. Yasser Feras (Jesse Klaver) wants to spend time with his kids. So he insists on ‘daddy days’. No negotiating on a daddy day. Or we don’t negotiate because mommy Klaver died. Rest assured, an ultra-left cabinet is in the making.

The Dutch electorate voted somewhat conservatively. The Labor Party (PvdA) was virtually murdered from 38 seats down to 9 seats. Voters weren’t too happy with the conservatives (VVD) either, they went down from 41 to 33 seats. The PVV won somewhat, but far less than expected: from 15 to only 20 seats. Other winners were the Christian Democrats who gained 6 seats, D66 with 7 seats and the former communist party, now Green Left (GL) won 10 seats. The former Maoist party, now Socialist Party, lost 1 seat.

In theory that result would lead to a center-right coalition. In reality it doesn’t.

In America everybody is throwing mud on Trump. In Holland we simply ignore 1.4 million voters. The PVV is boycotted by all parties. The three main parties (Conservatives, Christian Democrats and D66) don’t even want to speak with Wilders. Every PVV proposal is blocked. The very same proposal is word for word taken up, proposed by another party and then accepted. Just to rub it in. A boycott is a boycott, after all. Oh, Labor announced they no longer boycott the PVV. That’s nice to hear from the grave.

What has happened in the sixty days after the elections? The unthinkable. A complete perversion of democracy. If a conservative party is anything, it is — or was — anti-communist. Not anymore. Mark Rutte tried for 60 days to appease Yasser Feras (Jesse Klaver), who did somersaults and back flips to show how immensely important he now is. Several times he canceled negotiations on Friday, because he wanted to spend time with his kids. He calls those ‘daddy days’. As Friday is the day of prayer for mohammedans and he himself was raised “Roman Catholic”, he wanted on another occasion stop negotiating on Fridays, to show respect. Again on a Friday he didn’t show up because his mommy had passed away. No idea what “Roman Catholics” have with Fridays. Must be a craving for fish.

All that was swallowed by Rutte and his collaborators. They — to a very limited extent — appeared to counter his most bizarre plans and demands, but threw in the towel on immigration. The GL point is unlimited immigration, no questions asked. In reality, Rutte is working to create an extreme-left coalition. Together with the Christian Democrats and D66. They broke off negotiations, but for how long is an open question.

A coalition with the former communists is not (right now) going to happen. That gives Dear Mark a major problem. There isn’t a party willing to join apart from the PVV. The Socialist Party (SP) bluntly said: we don’t work together with the conservatives. Period. Pechtold will not work together with the Christian Union, and said that just as bluntly. The Labor party is still in deep mourning over its demise and is not available. That leaves only one party, the PVV. Which is under boycott.

The Christian Union, by the way, is a bit of weirdo party. They are staunch Calvinists (no shopping on Sundays, no abortion, strict blasphemy laws, etc.), but at the same time follow the gospel of Marx. The difference between GL and the CU is razor thin. They want as many immigrants as GL does, and their economic program is identical.

The negotiator gave all parties (except the PVV) this weekend to think it over, and then we’ll see what comes next. This formation is going to take a very long time. Much longer than usual. The result will be an ultra-left-wing cabinet because that is what Rutte needs. It will take months, because seriously raping and perverting democracy must be done with great care. Especially now, as we are at the point of no return.

There are many good reasons why Rutte wants an ultra-left cabinet. All parties have a left (progressive) and a right (conservative) wing. Rutte himself is the leader of the left-wing group within his party. The conservative right-wing group was exterminated together with Rita Verdonk. They either left the party or keep their mouth firmly shut if they want a career. At the moment there is no real right wing within the VVD.

His preferred partners are equally professional whores. Mr. Buma (CDA) doesn’t mind with whom he governs, neither does Pechtold (D66). But they would all much rather govern with left-wing parties. Why? Because conservative parties or factions within those parties are invariably anti-EU, anti-immigration, and definitely not pro-mohammedan. Buma especially really tries to appear conservative, because his electorate wants that. His actions are very different. Otherwise he wouldn’t have enjoyed circus Feras for six weeks.

Exactly the same can be said for the VVD, who during campaigns always use very strong talk, but during negotiations they happily sing The Internationale in unison with Che Guevara or his adherents. The campaign is over; the electorate can be safely ignored for the foreseeable future. That’s how the VVD works.

And finally, Rutte gets his orders from Berlin and Brussels. In that order. If Merkel says ‘jump’, Mark will only ask on the way up ‘how high?’ His relation with Brussels after blatantly breaking the law on the referendum — I don’t have to explain, do I?

Again, this cabinet formation will take a long time, and very likely result in a ultra pro-European cabinet.

But we aren’t done yet. There’s a lot more going on behind the dikes. The Dutch electorate may be moving to the right slowly, the political establishment absolutely not. The popular weblog GeenStijl is targeted for ‘misogynist hate speech’. Extreme feminists think that saying a women has great boobies equals real rape. GeenStijl has a mainly young male audience. Not really by accident, you see lots of pictures of good-looking women, and the comments often can be explicit. That is rape, according to feminists, and the site must be shut down. So they target advertisers and force them into politically correct behavior.

The municipal police of Amsterdam announced they want to allow head scarves to be worn by mohammedan women police officers. This news wasn’t exactly announced by the Amsterdam police, but revealed by GeenStijl. Who also disclosed extreme intimate ties between mohammedan leaders, criminals, terrorists and … the Amsterdam police. Now you understand why ‘extreme feminists’ want to shut them down? It’s not merely the extreme feminists, but the entire political establishment.

The police chief of Islamsterdam has a problem. The country doesn’t want head-scarved officers. National politicians don’t want it (not yet, anyway). Other police forces don’t want it either. Again, not yet. He didn’t want to publish the news as yet. But GeenStijl did publish it, so now we have to do a bit of blame-storming. Who came up with this bright idea? Fatima Elatik. A failed labor politician who left politics. Now she apparently has a very comfy €144,000/year job as ‘multicultural advisor’ to the Amsterdam police. She did it, said Aalbersberg. No, said Elatik. I didn’t. He did. I follow his orders. Shall we settle for colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the library?

I think I said it before: the democratic spring hasn’t begun as yet. Yup, you may see an occasional daffodil or crocus, but the poor thing will not last. Not yet, anyway. It’s too early in the season. Don’t forget left wing ideologists had all the time of the world to entrench themselves anywhere from 1968 onwards. And they did.

But, to end on a bright note, Mark Rutte can plan as much as he wants, follow all instructions from Berlin and Brussels to the letter. There still is much outside his zone of control. For example, had Erdogan sent his minister a week earlier to Rotterdam, or had the London attack happened a fortnight sooner he probably would have lost the election. That came too late for Wilders to respond to. Something Rutte couldn’t plan, but could to use for his benefit. But that’s a lucky escape. He’ll need to be lucky all the time, and that is not going to happen.

ISIS will soon be defeated in the Middle East. Where do you think they will pop up? Hint: not in Afghanistan, there isn’t any welfare there. Greece is preparing for massive demonstrations, as they ran out of money once more. The world is a lot bigger than Holland, and that is something Rutte cannot change. He may be able to form the left-wing coalition he craves for, but it won’t last long and it will be the end of his party. The current coalition was between VVD and PvdA. The PvdA paid the price for it. Next time it’s the VVD’s turn to pay in full.

* Thumbnails of Dutch political parties:

VVD People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
PvdA Labour Party
Partij van de Arbeid
Social democrats
PVV Party for Freedom
Partij voor de Vrijheid
Classical liberal, Islam-critical
SP Socialist Party
Socialistische Partij
Left-wing populists, former Maoists, to the left of communists
CDA Christian Democratic Appeal
Christen-Democratisch Appèl
Christian democrats, center-right
D66 Democrats 66
Politieke Partij Democraten 66
Centrist social liberals
CU ChristianUnion
Christian Democrats, left-wing, only “conservative” in being ostensibly religious
GL GreenLeft
Environmentalism plus hard left
SGP Reformed Political Party
Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
Christian right, advocates a Christian theocracy

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