Paul Weston on the Manchester Jihad Attack: “Our Traitor Class Fears Islam”

Terror works. We are not made stronger or more unified by it; terror allows Islam to slowly and incrementally seize power unopposed. — Paul Weston

Today is Teary Solidarity Day in the UK. Flowers, candles, and teddy bears are accumulating in their appointed places. Photos of slain children are being displayed on television and in the newspapers, and weepy citizens are lamenting their tragic loss. New hashtags proliferate on social media. And politicians recycle their tired clichés about standing together and not letting the terrorists divide us and etc blah yak.

And things continue the same, in Britain and throughout the Multicultural West.

Our English correspondent Paul Weston has a few choice words to say about last night’s Islamic terrorist attack in Manchester, and the reactions to it by the political class and the talking heads of the media:


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