When Will The Left Wake Up On Terror?

on May 27, 2017 at 4:03 PM in Islamization, Degradation, Politics, Society, Global

So it happened again.

Just like last time, just as it will be the next time and the time after that.

Just like last Nice, like Paris and Stockholm, just like countless other times the blood of Western children lies spilt at the hands of a young man of a certain faith that at all costs must not be mentioned.

Just like every time before the interchangeable politicians have made their bland speeches about strength and unity in the face of adversity. Public figures, celebrities and academics have made public calls to not allow such terrible events to divide us and our precious multi-hued communities.

Social media was flooded with young white women warning that we shouldn’t allow bigotry and hatred to be stoked by our anger at such atrocity. Plaintively these self-appointed guardians of social media pleaded for happy flowers and puppies and candlelit vigils with a variety of skin tones standing united arm in arm, to help drown out the visuals of yet more broken body parts, congealed blood and spilt gore.

Panel shows across the English speaking world and beyond have been packed with guests, hosts and credentialed experts discussing how the threat isn’t really all that great, and that if maybe we were just nicer, and spent more of our tax money making certain communities feel more welcome, then all this unpleasantness might be avoided.

And above all we must avoid a backlash.

Because it’s all our own fault you see.

The bomber in this case seems fairly unremarkable; a young man willing to die for his cause, the world has many such. Regardless of the pain, suffering and horror he has created, I find it easier to understand his motivations than those of the people so frantically trying to make excuses for him.

Despite what the editorials of a thousand Western newspapers will tell you, he didn’t commit his act of violence in an attempt to drive communities apart. He did it because he wanted to kill the people he saw as his enemies.

These acts are not complicated or nuanced in their motivations; the extremists want to crush the Western world’s spirit to resist what they see as the righteous revival and eventual triumph of their long moribund civilisation. The narrative that by criticising the faith of these murderers we are playing into their hands is not a story ripped from any online recruiting magazine for religious zealots seeking holy war, but from the dearest hopes of Western leftists.

Because you see it has to be our fault, it just has to be.

If it’s not our fault then not only is the leftist philosophy built up in every Western humanities faculty over the past half century wrong, but dangerously so. If the narrative of the left that all foreign refugees and migrants are merely oppressed victims of evil white males was wrong, then many powerful and very well paid people have some explaining to do.

After every one of these attacks happen I hear people on the right cry to the heavens wondering when the leftists are going to wake up. How many bodies? How many attacks? How many times can you applaud a candlelit vigil celebrating togetherness before you realise it hasn’t changed anything?

The left and the establishment in general seem stuck on a loop, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt the urge to take them by the shoulders and shake them as if they were a persistent somnambulist wandering towards a cliff.

When the same so obviously useless, asinine and borderline insulting platitudes and clichés get trotted out over and over I don’t blame my fellow dissidents for wondering aloud when these foolish fools are going to open their eyes.

The truth is that for the vast majority of them that simply isn’t going to happen.

This attack happened at a concert for children and teenagers. The bomber detonated his device in the crowded foyer as the concertgoers were packed tightly together in front of the doors. If you’ve never seen the effects of an anti-personnel explosive device in a confined space you are very lucky. If you want to make yourself sick you can look up examples online.
get the full picture the effects of shrapnel at high velocity really must be seen rather than described.

One of the victims was an eight year old girl.

Yet to judge by the online reaction many of our leftist compatriots have merely doubled down in their delusion.

They didn’t change their opinions when a slightly older girl was cut in half in Sweden recently or when yet another little girl’s cold fingers poked out towards her fallen doll from under a silvery sheet in Nice. They didn’t change their mind after a soldier was publicly decapitated on the streets of London or another concert hall was filled with blood and shattered corpses in Paris, or when an elderly French priest was beheaded whilst saying mass.

They didn’t change their worldview one jot after a half a hundred other such instances in these past few years now far too numerous to list.

They haven’t changed their mind; they haven’t “woken up” because most of them can’t.

They are so invested in the worldview they have been sold, so convinced that the only way to be a virtuous person is to bow towards the hungry gods of diversity, tolerance and equality; that many of them would rather be martyred by a bomb blast in the cause of leftist dogma, than admit that dogma may be wrong.

Dedicated left-wingers at this point are better described as devout. For many of them there will never be any event so shocking as to shake them out of their slumber, no level too high for the tide of blood to reach, for the dream is just too beautiful.

For the rest of us the time to try and convince these people is over. Some on the margins can perhaps be convinced, but the battle for our nations will not be won in discussion with those too intoxicated by their own imagined virtue to care if the world collapses around them.


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