Why antifa needs to be recognized as a terrorist organization

on May 30, 2017 at 5:21PM in Corruption, Economics, Media, Activism, Freedom of speech, Politics, Society, North America

Antifa musf be recognized as a terrorist organization. Why? Because their main purpose is spreading terror. They destroy buildings, smash windows, attack innocent people, and have been reported and known for using explosives and flashbangs.   That is the definition of a terrorist organization. Also they are the biggest hypocrites of the left. They say they figby fascists, yet they are the biggest fascists, shutting down any ralies that are pro right, not allowing free speech from anyone who is right leaning, and advocate for violence against anyone who is Republican. Share this, let people know the truth of antifa. Also make sure to check my YouTube channel SchillerVlogs, I talk about things just,like this and will talk about antifa on my channel soon.


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