An irrational fear of racism? No. An irrational fear of being called a racist? YES.

Only white people are race-o-phobes, because only white people (or maybe a few well-integrated ‘others’) can be called racist.

I can rape, pillage and steal to my heart’s (dis)content, but I only need to be thought to think something negative about those whose skin colour is darker than mine to be thought of as racist, and if, god forbid, I think that a supremacist religion that supports rape, slavery, looting and slaughter is something foul, then I must be a far-out racist outlaw.

But wait — in my culture, names and name calling are not supposed to hurt me, but in the brave new world of prescribed virtuosity, name-calling has impact. I am no longer innocent until proven guilty, I am guilty solely by implication and by the testimony of a self-appointed somebody judged to be more ‘submitted’ than myself.

Submitted to what?

Submitted to the new Nazism, of course. That’s what.

There never was much of an air gap between Communists and Nazis. With Cultural Marxism that gap is now microscopic. The new Nazi race focus has changed from Jews to (believing) Christians, and even the Pope is infected.

I am not a Christian, and I live in Asia. I look around me, and I see multiple products of Western technology, a gift from a Christian Europe and a Judeo-Christian USA. Then the ‘Seva Adom’ air raid warning goes off and I have about 15 seconds to gather my grandchildren and get them into shelter. This is my corresponding gift from Islam.

I have many relations in Manchester, which is the place where my father was born and grew up. Many of his nephews and nieces, my cousins and their offspring, are still living and working there. I have a very RATIONAL fear of both Muslims and especially of Islam and its book of death.

And so I found myself looking through the Manchester casualty lists to see if there was anybody I knew.

Fragmentation bombs are designed solely to kill and maim, to inflict horrific injuries on people; in this case, innocent people, both the very young and their grandparents.

Why? Because the holy book of Islam, the Koran, tells us that killing unbelievers is a highway to heaven, and that if you have failed to keep the onerous burden of the prescribed ritual of Islamic religious culture, then you can shortcut the process by blowing little 8-year-old girls to pieces.

Within Torah, one can atone for violations of Torah, and with Christianity Jesus died for your sins, but within Islam there is only a scale of justice — that is, unless you are a shahid, a holy martyr who has died whilst fighting the unbeliever.

Like Communism, Islam does not work until all are believers, hence the butcher’s bill of infidel Mancunians.

Yet I am deemed to be a ‘racist’ if I even think these words let alone write about them. But frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Hoover.

But there can be consequences: my job, my credibility, the inevitable fatwa. These could all happen as a result of my ‘racism’, and thus most people are race-o-phobic. It is the ruling meme of this day and age.

And it sets the abusers above the law.

Name-calling is abuse, pure and simple. Calling somebody a ‘racist’ is abuse of the worst kind because ‘racism’ is not illegal and has no real meaning or definition. ‘Race’ can mean religion, skin colour, culture, eye/hair colour or even whether you cover your hair in public or if you are white and live in Louisiana. So there is no defence against this type of abuse. To destroy a person’s life because of a non-criminal, possibly accidental violation of the unwritten code of ‘racism’ is a dirty and disgusting injustice in our society.

Worse, race-o-phobia means that there are now ‘religious’ taboos enshrined in society, taboos which mean that eventually our wonderful Western civilization will fail and fall. We are little different from the people of 2000 or 4000 years ago. We have not evolved. We are no more intelligent (and maybe less), but our culture benefitted greatly from a belief that all are equal under a fair and just law. For a few hundred years we were progressively freed from the chokehold of the warlords, and we prospered. We had no hunger, and we had an opportunity to make something of ourselves. The media expected public figures to behave properly and honestly, and rightly accused wrongdoers, whatever their station in life.

All gone!

Now we have trial by ‘photoshop’, a Stalinist type of justice system where the political airbrush rules, and where every picture is a propaganda exercise bought and paid for in advance by those who can afford to buy influence and absolute power.

Power to do whatever they want with no consequences, power to destroy their enemy even if he is in the White House. Power to reshape the world in their own image. The warlord is back onstage and at the centre.

So its time to get over the race-o-phobia and become an out and out racist like me. I like my race, and it is up to me to keep it so!

You can hate me for being Jewish and for believing that “in the beginning Yah created” and for living in Israel, but in turn you must allow me to return the compliment. It is when you make the dialogue a monologue that things go wrong. The object of ‘racism’ is to do exactly that, and in so doing, to ensure that Judeo-Christian based society is always at a disadvantage and unable to defend itself.

I hate anti-Semitism in all its forms, but I love free speech more and I am sad that anti-Semitism is at the forefront of the attack on the First Amendment.

The Holocaust is a terribly blunt instrument when used to bludgeon a political agenda into our culture. The Holodomor and the Holocaust were committed by socialists who conscientiously believed that their politico-religious objectives justified the mass murder of innocents. For those same socialists to then project this onto Judeo-Christian culture through the weapon of ‘racism’ is a travesty of truth and a re-enactment of the same crimes.

It is deemed ‘racist’ to equate Manchester and Muslim terrorists. “Then they came for me”, and I must all walk peacefully into the gas arena just like the Jews did. The Jews thought they were being relocated, and we have been taught that it is the Christian duty morally and racially correct thing to ignore the linkage between Muslims and terrorism. Woe betide anybody who thinks differently!

The Jews were guilty of being successful, and an establishment full of replacement theologians was deeply jealous. But, on the whole, the Jews did not insist in killing all unbelievers as do the Muslims. One might accuse some Jews of warmongering, but many more Christians were also warmongers, and in 1914 the fatal decision was made in the supposedly Christian Court of the Hapsburg Emperor and not in a sinister churchyard as many like to believe.

The Nazis went through a very sophisticated and at times theatrical charade to keep the Jews from understanding their fate, but there was still a backlash in the Warsaw Ghetto. News of the exterminations leaked out. Some survived the Sobibor mass breakout, and the cat was out of the bag. Jews now suffered from ‘showerphobia’…

I know that there are those out there who deny the Holocaust, but I would say this, the modern-day archaeology of the Reinhardt camps shows a huge investment in killing. If the Holocaust was a hoax, then it was an extremely expensive and extensive one.

The current Islamo-fascist Holocaust is expensive and extensive too, paid for by ourselves every time we put gas in our car. We could wipe out the Islamic menace just by boycotting OPEC oil and opening up Alaska. Think about it.

But cui bono?

Who takes money from Islam to ensure that this never happens, and who takes Islamic money to ensure the Islam is included in the ‘race’ industry?

I think we know the answers. The initials HRC come to immediately to mind.

But I am not ‘race-o-phobic’. I am racist and proud of it, and if the time comes for my own ‘Warsaw ghetto’, then I will be there, hopefully with an FN FAL, with which I did my basic training. But a Lee-Enfield or Garand will do!


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