Swedish Women Galloping Against The Patriarchy!

on May 31, 2017 at 5:50 PM in Feminism, Degradation, Politics, Europe

I'd say LOL .... if it wasn't so serious!

The Swedish Parliament is rife with third wave feminists, many of whom embrace multiculturalism.

Meet Gudrun Schyman:

She is currently the spokesperson of Feminist Initiative, a political party she co-formed in 2005.

She served as leader of the Swedish Left Party from 1993 until January 2003. She remained a member of the Left Party until 2004, when she left to focus entirely on her feminist political work following a tax evasion scandal.

She remained an independent member of parliament until 2006. Schyman has become known for controversial ideas, such as special male-taxation."

Spoiled middle-class girls who no doubt don't live anywhere near the migrant ghettos they're helping to create with this madness. They won't be virtue signalling like that when the planet of the apes comes to Sweden and other parts of Europe. They should be careful what they wish for.

Reality will hit these foolish women like an express train one day. Then it will be too late for many of them. They won't have a choice when living under sharia law. Then they'll suddenly realize that life under the so-called ''White Patriarchy'' wasn't such a bad deal after all.