Austrian School Teacher Faces Charges After Telling Students Mohammed Was a Child Molester
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Austrian School Teacher Faces Charges After Telling Students Mohammed Was a Child Molester


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A secondary school teacher in Austria is facing legal action after she told her students that Mohammed, the founding prophet of Islam, was a child molester. The statement was made presumably in reference to Islamic holy texts, such as the Hadith, which contains first-hand accounts of the life and work of Mohammad, who took young girls as his wives.

Vorarlberg Provincial Councillor Dr. Bernadette Mennel confirmed this week that the woman, who teaches middle school in Bregenz, is now faces criminal charges, Breitbart reported, citing the Austrian publication, VOL.

More from Breitbart:

It is alleged that the Bregenz teacher had described Mohammed, the prophet and founder of Islam, as a child molester in front of her students. Upon hearing the news the school forwarded the complaint to the Vorarlberg prosecutors office.

Currently the prosecution office has given no information about their investigation into the veracity of the claims against the teacher but if they find any truth to them there will likely be harsh consequences for the teacher.

Frau Mennel said, ‘such statements are unacceptable,’ but said she would hold off judgement until the state prosecutor was able fully to investigate the case and determine the legitimacy of the claim.

For Muslims, insulting the prophet Mohammed is one of the highest forms of blasphemy. It is punishable by death in several African and Middle Eastern countries where Shariah law is enforced.

But the teacher, whose name is not given in the article, is in Europe.

Frau Mennel said that “such statements are unacceptable” but said she plans to withhold judgement until the state prosecutor is able to investigate the case and verify the allegations.

Austria is right next to Germany, where an influx of Muslim immigrants has contributed to rising national tensions and several lawsuits.

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It will be interesting to see what the elements of the crime are when the hadith clearly state that muhammed married Aisha at age 6 and satisfied himself by molesting her for 3 years before raping her at age 9. How do revealing these features of the most "perfect man" first, upset his devotees, and secondly, constitute a crime if true?
Western Europe is toast. The time to solve this problem has come and gone, and no amount of hand wringing, agonizing over tough decisions or even a dramatic awakening and change of heart by the masses will bring it back, not that that's likely to occur. Martial law and civil unrest will come first, followed by gradual implementation of sharia as the cucked natives realize that they will have to "go along to get along" in order to literally save their own heads. The people of western Europe are devoid of any sort of will to defend themselves against what is very obviously a hostile invasion. Worse still, most will go to their graves believing the lies they have been told about those who will be killing them.

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